How To Sell Your Car The Easy Way

August 13, 2013

Looking to sell your car? Automotive industry expert Samantha Stevens shares her tips on how to get the highest return, when is the best time to sell and how to make your car stand-out from the rest.

1. Categorise your listing
When buyers are searching, they want to be able to find the car they’re looking for quickly and easily, so make sure you categorise by make and model correctly. If there is an option to add tags, be sure to put in all that are relevant to attract more potential buyers.

2. Create a narrative
Step into the shoes of a car salesman and make your listing exciting to read so that potential buyers don’t switch off after the first few sentences.

3. Include bright and abundant photographs
A picture speaks a thousand words – and it’s never been truer than with a car listing! Potential buyers are quick to judge, so make sure your photos are bright, clear, high-res and showcase each angle of your vehicle.

4. Provide the specifics
Buyers will want to know the details, so be sure to share the specifications, kilometers, engine size, additional extras and be honest!

5. Set a reasonable price
There is always room for negotiations so do some research into the benchmark for a similar make/model and set a price that is realistic. Make sure the price is not too expensive as you may not get any interest. Too cheap, and people may wonder what’s wrong with the car.

What are your best tips for selling a car?

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