How To Sex Up Your Date Night

April 20, 2012

It’s the weekend, and if you’re planning a date night with your better half, we’ve got a few sexy tips that will make this an evening to remember.

1. Get prepared

Prepare your bedroom. Place candles around the room – we all look our best in that soft, golden light. Put some massage oil or lotion next to the bed so you can give each other a rubdown.

2. Wear something sexy

Slip on some sexy lingerie under your clothes. It will be your little secret and help build excitement for the big reveal later that night.

3. Send him a sexy text

Before or during the date, send him a cheeky text that will whet his appetite for more. Something you plan to do to him later in the night, tease him with a fantasy, even a photo of you blowing a kiss. Get him thinking about all the dirty things he wants to do to you later.

4. Leave your expectations at the door

Don’t get too worked up creating the perfect date, just go with the flow! Enjoy each others company, treat yourselves to a cocktail or share a favourite bottle of wine. You’re at your sexiest when you feel completely comfortable. Enjoy the moment and your evening will be one to remember.

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