How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 6, 2011

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Geoff Jowett is the creator of the Bodytrim system which has helped 300,000 Aussie’s over the past three years shed the kilos. Last year after surveying 100,000 Bodytrim members, it emerged that it was psychological issues such as motivation and self-sabotage that people were struggling with. Geoff reached out to Clinical Psychologist Dr Natalie Green and they spent the past year creating a way to address the psychological issues with weight loss.

Here are the five steps to the right mindset for weight loss:

1. Think of weight loss as a lifestyle and not a diet as this automatically represents thoughts of deprivation. Also ensure you keep variety in meals/menu choices. If there is variety it is more likely to be sustainable and reduce boredom which leads to self sabotage.

2. Set clear and realistic goals. The Bodytrim system has established 4Ws of goal setting; What amount of weight do you want to lose? Where do you want to lose it from? Why do you want to lose weight? When do you want to do it by? The constant reviewing of your goals will help keep you on track. Goal setting and visualisation techniques are important because the mind is a powerful thing.

3. Record your progress by tracking your meals and exercise as this increases accountability to yourself and the goals you set, therefore increasing awareness and motivation.

4. Don’t beat yourself up! If you make a poor choice get straight back on track; don’t let a lapse become a collapse.

5. Recognise emotional eating and self sabotage and seek assistance through coaching or counseling to unveil the real core of the issue. If you get to the core early you can increase success rather than providing a bandaid approach to the symptoms.

Visit for more information on Geoff’s weight loss program.

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