How To Stress Less – For Good

August 9, 2012

Lifeline’s 2012 Stress Poll has found that 91% of Australians are stressed – who are those 9% who aren’t stressed?! But you don’t have to live with stress, and these 5 tips from champion swimmer and Bupa Health and Wellness Advisor Matt Welsh will help you cope and give stress the flick.

1. Identify the source
People tend to stress about being stressed – if you simply identify the source of your stress, you reduce its effects.

2. Choose a healthy lifestyle

I like the rule of 80:20 – doing the right thing 80 per cent of the time so that you can enjoy the other 20 per cent. As well as keeping fit, a healthy lifestyle to me is about decision making. It’s about having a purpose and a reason to actually look after yourself.

3. Rest up
Place as much importance on your mental health as your physical health by resting the best you can. Sleep deprivation affects both our mental performance and our mood.

4. Gain perspective
It’s very easy to get bogged down in details. Instead try to choose your priorities and appreciate the smaller things in life.

5. Talk to someone
Talking about your stress definitely minimises that ‘stressing about stress’ cycle. The release of getting someone else’s opinion and sharing your thoughts with someone else is really important.

Visit Bupa for more stress management tips and advice.

How do you cope with stress?

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