How To Survive After-Work Drinks

June 24, 2011

How To Survive After-Work Drinks

Just how do you survive after-work drinks and office parties with your reputation intact? Here’s 5 tips you should know to make sure you have a good time without losing face (or worse, your job!)

1. Watch your booze

After a long work week, it’s tempting to kick back with a few drinks, especially with on the boss’ tab. But the potential for disaster is high. Limit how much you drink – you don’t want to say – or do – anything inappropriate. And remember, for each alcoholic drink, space it out with a glass of water.

2. Dress appropriately

With end of financial year parties around the corner, most of us are faced with the dreaded ‘what to wear’ question. Dress modestly – while you might love to show off a little flesh and pack on the bling come Saturday night out with your friends, you should always look professional at any work event, no matter how informal. You know office gossip is like…

3. The art of conversation

Keep the conversation professional, and remember the golden rule: less is more. Stick to topics like current events and your non-work interests. Coupled with alcohol, it’s easy to start blabbing about the boss or revealing, but never forget that these people are your workmates first and foremost.

4. Know when to leave

Decide before you go out just how long you should be there for. If it helps, have an excuse and leave at a designated time. This should help you pace your evening and limit your booze consumption. Be polite and include everyone when saying goodbye – especially the boss – making sure you leave a favourable lasting impression.

Are you a fan of after-work drinks?

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