How To Survive The Party Season

November 10, 2010

How To Survive The Party Season

Take a deep breath – the silly season is officially upon us. And it lasts pretty much all the way through to Australia Day. So for the next three months prepare for an onslaught of wedding weekends, office Christmas parties, family Christmas lunches, dinners, New Year’s parties…

Here’s how to survive the festive season, from etiquette know-how to healthy tips and tricks.

When Who Where How…

Create a calendar of events coming up so you know exactly what you’ve got on when. RSVP to events as soon as you receive the invite. Do your kids need babysitters? Lock them in now.

Shop Till You Drop…From Christmas Carol Overkill

Get all your shopping out of the way now before the shops get too manic. That includes Christmas shopping, the office Kris Kringle, chocies for the neighbours… Do you need a new dress for that wedding? Don’t leave anything till the last minute or you’ll be running around losing your mind.

Eat Before You Party

Don’t leave home on an empty tummy. Have a sandwich, some pasta, even a banana, something to fill you up and line your stomach before the onslaught of alcohol and greasy canapes.

The Smartest Tip We’ll Ever Give You

Pack gel feet pads or insoles in your purse to cushion the pain that inevitably hits just as you’re getting your groove on the dancefloor. You’ll feel like you’re floating on air and won’t have to walk home with your heels in your hands!

Office Woes

Most of us dread the office Christmas party for one reason or another but it needn’t be the horror story you’re imagining it to be. My friend Ally was dreading seeing her colleague – who she had just broken up with after having a clandestine two-year relationship with – that she hit the red wine as soon as she got to the function centre, and got so drunk that she vomited all over the table before entrees were served. Not a good look in front of your workmates.

If you’re introverted and hate the idea of making small talk, come prepared with a list of conversation starters. Don’t use the party as a chance to angle for a promotion or suck up to the boss. You want to leave a good impression, and there’s nothing wrong with a little networking, but keep it light and fun.

And trust me, now might feel like the right time to make a move on the colleague that you’ve flirted with all year, but save it for a more sober moment. Don’t become the office Christmas party cliche. Some workplaces find that sort of thing hilarious, others don’t, and you don’t want to start a new year off as the office joke.

The Open Bar: Devil In Disguise

We all love an open bar but proceed with caution. For every glass of wine or beer you enjoy, drink a glass of water.

Calorific Canapes

Party food is always yummy, but it’s also usually high in fat and sugar (we’re looking at you, baby quiche!). Don’t go overboard on the calorific canapes, better still, try and have a say beforehand in the menu choices and opt for finger food such as sushi, light finger sandwiches and rice paper rolls.

Hello, Hangover!

We all have our tried-and-true hangover cures. My mate Joe swears by a fry-up that includes bacon, sausages and no less than six eggs, while another maintains only fresh grapefruit juice and a couple of Panadol helps get her through her hangover.

What we all know is: drink plenty of water. Keep a jug of water by the bed and drink as much as you can get into you. Coffee might wake you up but white or green tea will give you a much-needed boost of antioxidants that will help revitalise you from the inside out.

Other hangover savers: stay out of the sun; a cool shower stimulates blood circulation to wake you up; and snack on vitamin-rich fruits like mangoes and berries.


If you’ve woken up with scratchy, puffy eyes, take a couple of cool teabags and place them over your entire eye area for 10 minutes. The benefits of tea leaves will cleanse the eyes and ease the puffiness.

There’s never a better time for a DIY facial than the day-after. A good cleanse and face mask will get rid of impurities and refresh your skin.

What are your best tips for surviving the silly season?

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