Here’s How To Tackle Period Pimples

August 6, 2019

That time of the month is bad enough without adding period pimples to the mix. 

There is nothing more inconvenient than getting your period.

I know, I know. Menstruation is a miracle. It’s another month where your body could have grown another life form and blah, blah, blah.

It’s also another week of crippling period pain, bloating, moodiness and worst of all – period pimples.

I’m hopeless at keeping track of my cycle. I’m much too lazy to log it in an app or even mark it on a calendar because I have my own little tell.  My body gives me a sign each month a few days before Aunt Flo arrives and it’s 100 percent accurate.

Each month, about three days before my period arrives, I take a sharp left onto breakout boulevard. It’s a nightmare.

This is actually super common. Between 50 and 80 percent of women experience pre-menstrual pimples (as if PMS wasn’t already bad enough).

Of course, the severity will differ from woman to woman. If you already have acne it may get a little worse, or your clear skin might get compromised by some bothersome blemishes. Either way, no woman wants to spend a quarter of each month tackling period pimples.

Despite the fact that half the population are equipped with a pair of ovaries, period talk still feels a bit taboo. Even so, we can talk (somewhat) openly about period pain and cramps, yet the actual hormones contributing to these things rarely get a mention.

Now I’m not going to tell you not to stress about your PMS pimples because I’ve cried over my bumpy skin more times than I can count. Being told not to worry is never an effective means of alleviating worry.

Instead, I’m going to tell you what to do about it.

Wipe away those tears and wave goodbye to those pesky spots.

Don’t Skip Your Skincare

It may seem hopeless as bumps keep popping up despite your best efforts, but the worst thing you can do is stop your skincare routine. In fact, having good skin hygiene and an effective routine all month around can minimize the impact of a perky period pimple.

I’m talking cleanse, tone, moisturize – morning and night.

Skincare is self-care and when you’re coming up to that time of the month, we could all do with being a bit kinder to ourselves.

Establish a solid daily routine, cleanse twice a day and your spots will stay at bay.

period pimples

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Skin Care is Not One Size Fits All

A vital step in learning how to manage your skin is to figure out what your problem areas are. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on ‘combination’ skincare only to find out that my issue is to do with dryness.

Before you buy anything, pay close attention to your skin (and figure out what skin type you have).

When our periods come around, our bodies experience some pretty drastic hormonal changes. This directly correlates to the amount of sebum that is produced.

Most women experience lower levels of estrogen and sebum in the first few days of their menstrual cycle. This often means that your skin is likely to be drier. Towards the end of your cycle, sebum tends to produce more sebum than it needs to, leading to the appearance of oily skin.

Change up the way you care for your skin as it progresses through this cycle. Moisturizer and serums are going to be your best friend and will help you tackle dryness at the beginning of your cycle whereas mattifying masks and blemish based cleansers will save your life at the end.

period pimples

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Vitamin C The Difference

If you aren’t using at least one Vitamin C infused product on your face, you’re missing out.

Vitamin C is a major source of nourishment for the skin, enhancing its ability to bounce back and repair itself. Putting on the skin works a treat and will even help reduce the appearance of scarring.

Why stop there?

Taking Vitamin C supplements boosts the immune system, promoting happier skin from the inside out. When you look after yourself, your skin looks after itself.

period pimples

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Stay Hydrated (from the inside out)

Now, before you go crazy and slap on any old moisturizer, check in with your skin.

When our skin gets oily, it’s easy to assume that it’s almost too moisturized, but this isn’t the case.

Using moisturizer or nourishing serums on dry skin actively works to improve the barrier function of your skin. The stronger the barrier, the less likely that pollution will get stuck in your pores leading to blackheads and breakouts. Having oily skin just means that your skin has an effective barrier function, not necessarily sufficient nourishment.

The right moisturizer can help break down the oil and regulate sebum production. When you’re heading into your period and the oil is flowin’, don’t skip the moisturizer. Most moisturizers contain an ‘emulsifier’ that works to combine water and oil-based ingredients. This emulsifier works with the oil on your skin too.

While you’re at it, be sure to drink plenty of water when Aunt Flo is on her way. Being properly hydrated is one of the best ways to care for your body and skin alike.

period pimples

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