How to tone up not bulk up

February 3, 2010

Always worried those spin classes with give you a beefy butt? Here’s how to look lean not mean by celebrity trainer Rocco Sorace.

1. Sculpt muscles. Toned and strong muscles occur through the use of the body as it’s own resistance versus lifting heavy weights. The key here is more reps with less weight.

2. Focus on core strength. Keeping the core muscles engaged will provide a base for working other muscle groups. A strong core means a healthy back and a good foundation. Pilates improves posture through alignment of the spine and increases strength of muscles in the back.

3. Use your breath. Breathing is key to guide your exercise routine, sending breath and relaxation to the muscles creating endurance. Breath can aid in regulating and maintaining your posture leading to increased toning and strength.

4. Eat and drink well. Proper nutrition and hydration are essential to toning the body without adding bulk. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and never skip a meal.

5. Relaxation. Mind/body fitness incorporates the importance of relaxing, stretching and restoring the muscles pre and post workout.

Implementing these five tips will create muscle tone and overall health and fitness. Pilates is a fun and creative way to achieve the desired toned body versus stiff, bulky muscles.

Rocco Sorace has just released a series of new Fitness DVD’s – Fitness Pilates: Intermediate Workout, Fitness Pilates: Advanced Workout and the Mind & Body Boot Camp (all $24.95). All three DVDs are available February 2010 from all major retailers or online at www.duke.com.au or www.focussfitness.com

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