How To Turn Your Outdoor Area Into A Luxe Retreat

March 9, 2016

It’s time you started living like the queen you are.  

Currently my apartment’s outdoor living area consists of three things: a wooden (and potentially rotting) deck chair, a sorry looking pot plant, and a plastic bucket to catch all the water from my leaking tap. If I haven’t painted a clear enough picture for you, it’s pretty uninviting and a stark contrast to the rest of my apartment where each item has been meticulously chosen to suit my style.

As such, I hate attempting to entertain out there, so when I do have people over, I’m busy desperately trying to keep everyone’s attention relegated to inside. Whilst I’d love to keep hoping to wake up one morning to find Nate Berkus has secretly blitzed my courtyard overnight like it’s the focus of an Oprah special, the time has come to make some drastic improvements to my outside space.

The good news is, once you bite the motivation bullet, transforming your outdoor area into a TV episode worthy space is surprisingly easy – just a few pivotal pieces will do the trick. So if your own courtyard is in need of a little loving like mine, hit up these expert tricks tips from King Living’s national retail operations manager, Triana Odone.

1. Invest in modular furniture


king4If your backyard doesn’t have space to swing a cat, finding pieces which are versatile is key to making the most of what little room you have.

“Your furniture should be as flexible as your lifestyle. Modular furniture allows your outdoor space to be flexible reconfiguring from a larger setting when entertaining family and friends to individual chaises when you’re relaxing poolside. The King Living outdoor modular furniture offers the perfect solution, providing flexibility, comfort in luxurious and stylish designs.” recommends Odone.

“Furniture with hidden storage, like King Living’s Delta Outdoor sofa, is perfect for storing beach towels, throws and cushions and for families, the kids’ toys.”

2. Add in brights


This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and it works every time. A cushion, vase or larger outdoor accessory with a bright graphic print will infuse instant personality into your space, according to Odone.

“Add personality to your outdoor oasis by selecting shades and patterns for cushions and throws that reflect your style. Planters with greenery create a tranquil space and outdoor lighting is perfect for entertaining at night.”

3. Choose sleek, modern furniture


Opting for furniture that combines a mix of wood and unembellished materials is an easy way to create a blank canvas for adding extra personal touches to.

“King Living’s newest outdoor sofa, the KingCove, allows you to create a resort style look that’s perfect for any outdoor space; whether you have an apartment balcony or large outdoor area,” explains Odone.

“This latest design challenges traditional look of outdoor furniture styles and allows you to extend your living area without compromising on design, flexibility or comfort.”

4. Create a feature wall


If cushions and accessories aren’t your thing, adding a feature wall is a wonderful substitute.

“Less is more; add simple, bold pieces that can become a point of interest, whether it’s a contemporary sculpture, water feature or large oversized pavers.  It’s all about balance, avoid outdoor furniture or pieces that overpower your space,” says Odone.

Alternatively, a green feature wall is fabulous in a small outdoor area as the foliage adds texture and brings the plant life off the floor, creating more room.

5. Bring the indoors outside


To ensure your outdoor area has the same feel as the rest of your home, try not to look at it as a completely separate space. Instead, imagine it as another room in your house.

“Take what inspires you inside and bring those subtle details to your external living area,” advises Odone.

Indulge in beautiful outdoor fabrics for your cushions and ottomans, or, if you love statement lighting, add a feature hanging pendant, a cluster of tea lights or a bold floor lamp. If you’re really looking to impress your guests, include a fire pit or stylish slim lined heating device that’ll make your space liveable all year round.

Images courtesy of kingliving.com.au, masters.com.au, ikea.com, doymane.com, adairs.com.au, succulentplanet.com.au, buymedesign.com.


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