How to Wear a Mini

April 30, 2002

The best 5 undies We’ve found the best 5 undies/pants/knickers on the Internet that will save you from worrying about visible panty line dilemmas. Check them out. All items below are available from David Jones and Grace Brothers nationally.

  • Elle Macpherson black bikini underpants ($19.95)
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  • spot mesh lace brief ($59.95)
  • Calvin Klein?s Graffiti print hipsters ($49.95)
  • Calvin Klein?s stretch shorts with metallic stripes ($39.95)
  • Lovable String bikini ($16.95)Wear a Mini!

    With winter coming on it?s definitely time to start braving a mini. You know why? Well read on because we show you how!

    You are probably thinking, “I can?t wear a mini! I don?t have the knees for it. My thighs aren?t right for it”. Well how wrong you are because anyone and everyone can wear the hottest skirt this season. You just have to exhibit confidence and follow our steps in wearing the mini:

    When trying on a mini make sure you sit down in the dressing room to make sure that all of your private parts are

don?t want to buy something that will end up being a pain to wear. If you are worried about the odd bit of cellulite or bad legs wear black or navy opaques.One thing you have to avoid when purchasing the ?must-have? mini is clinging or flowing fabrics…they will blow up all over the place. Try for straight cut mini?s only.

We suggest the denim mini. Sportsgirl have a great one so do Portmans?. Check them out at Sportsgirl and Portmans

Don?t ever wear a coat that is the same length as your mini-skirt, as it looks awkward. Go longer or shorter. A denim jacket looks great with a black or sequin mini.

If you are worried about a mini making your legs look short, slip on some high heels as they will definitely increase

length of your legs and give your calves great definition.For work try to keep the length of your mini to just above your kneecaps, any shorter and it looks a little unprofessional.

Get beautiful hair

Getting beautiful hair isn?t as hard as you think. However there are reasons why your hair doesn?t always have that healthy glow. Foods that greatly benefit hair are those, which also benefit the rest of the body such as fresh fruit, vegetables, natural oils, protein and lots and lots of water. Don?t just think that health supplements are the answer. You?ve heard it before but try to avoid, cigarettes, alcohol, excess sugar, salt, fats, coffee, soft drinks and fast foods. The other factors, which contribute to bad, lifeless hair, are emotional stressors. Lack of sleep, shock or an illness all effect the hair?s wellbeing. Even drugs such as antibiotics to chemotherapy can cause a range of complaints from dull hair to hair loss.

“Try to have your hair trimmed every four to six weeks, this will help to keep your hair looking great and feeling fresh and alive,” says hairdresser Joe from Lilly Jackson Hair and Make-up.

Most hair needs conditioning. The drier the hair the more enriched a product you need. Always apply conditioner to hair that has been shampooed first. Pour a small amount of conditioner into the palm of your hands and then work it through the mid-lengths and ends. Rinse it before combing as the water makes it easier to do so. If you have thicker, coarser hair keep in more conditioner. Or alternatively, mix some conditioner with water and pour into a spray bottle. Apply this to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, leave in and then comb through.

Just remember that your hair really does benefit from regular treatments. ?Another great tip is to do a treatment on your hair 48 hours before and after colouring your hair as this will give maximum results and minimum fade by keeping the moisture content of the hair well balanced,? claims Joe.

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