How to wear makeup with glasses!

March 16, 2010

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Ensure your eyes shines behind your specs with these expert tips from makeup artist to the stars Natasha Severino.

Finding the perfect frames to suit your bone structure, colouring and personal style can be a complex
business, but there’s more to nailing your look than just the hardware. You can complement your
frames with some clever make-up tricks designed to enhance your features and put the spotlight on
your peepers.

To help create an eye catching look, Specsavers optometrists have teamed up with leading make-up
artist Natasha Severino, to show glasses wearers how to make the most of their eyes and revamp
their look. Being a glasses wearer herself, Natasha knows all the tips and techniques when it comes
to mastering your eye make-up in a flash.

Natasha, who has worked with Tara Moss, Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale, said:“Spectacles have
made a big comeback this season with bigger, bolder frames, but the trick is to show off your eyes
with a colour palette that makes them stand out without overwhelming the rest of your face. With
a new pair of frames and the right make-up to match, you’ll be sure to turn heads this party season
and all year round.”

Natasha, together with Specsavers, has put together some make-up tips for glass wearers

If you are long-sighted, glasses will make your eyes seem larger so it’s important not to overdo it:

• Apply darker shades of eye shadow on your eyelids – browns, dark greens and blues work

• Blend, blend and blend! Any colour hiccups or flaws will be magnified

• Avoid shimmery colours as they tend to over amplify your eyes behind glasses

• Brush mascara on your upper lashes only – this will stop your eyes from appearing too
round behind glasses.

If you are short-sighted, your lenses will make your eyes appear smaller, so bolder make-up will
help enhance your eyes:

• Put mascara on both the upper and lower lashes to accentuate your eyes

• For more definition, define top lash line with kohl pencil and blend well into the lashes

• Keep the lid of the eye lighter in colour

• You may use a shimmer highlighting powder or cream on the inner corners of the eyes to
make they appear bigger

General make-up tips for all spec wearers:

• Don’t forget to curl your lashes before applying mascara. This will stop your lashes from
touching your lenses

• Your eyebrows are paramount when wearing glasses as they usually sit just under your
brows, make sure they’re always well groomed

• All frames can cast a shadow under your eyes that make dark circles appear worse than
they actually are, so a great rule is to use a light reflecting concealer to hide them, then set
with loose or pressed powder

Your choice of frames influences your eye make-up colour palette:

• With bold, bright frames use lighter hues to open up your eyes – a pale taupe, tan, or soft
pink are all good choices, also opt for lighter lip shades and glosses

• With more delicate frames, choose deeper hues in your eye shadows to balance the eye
area, for an edgier style, try some brighter hues in colours such as green, blue, or pink and
be a little bolder with your lips with bright reds and deep earthier tones

• No matter what type of frames you have, at the end of the day it’s all about feeling great,
being comfortable and confident with the way you look. Express your personality through
different looks and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour

Specsavers offer designer frames starting from $199 for two pairs at one low price, meaning you can
afford to be more daring with your spectacle selection – matching your make-up to suit your frames
has never been so easy.

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