How Your Heavy Handbag Could Be Damaging Your Health

August 10, 2011

How Your Heavy Handbag Could Be Damaging Your Health

New studies show women are sacrificing health for fashion, putting themselves at risk for back pain and spinal injury by lugging over-filled handbags. A recent survey by the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia found that the weight of the average woman’s handbag was over 3.6kg! Over 75% of women surveyed also admitted to carrying their handbag on one shoulder only.

What are the main culprits for a heavy bag? Staples such as makeup, large water bottles, perfume and diaries. Here are 6 practical tips on avoiding chronic neck and shoulder pain and long-term spinal injury.

1. De-junk regularly

Regularly clean out any excess “stuff” from your handbag that you don’t need to for that day. Bigger handbags tend to gather more stuff, so the smaller your bag, the better!

2. Choose a bag with a long, wide strap

That way, you can put the strap over your head and wear the bag across your body. This distributes the weight evenly.

3. Wear the bag on both shoulder

If you can’t wear your bag diagonally across your body, make sure you regularly swap the side on which you carry it.

4. Carry smaller items

Carry a smaller water bottle – there is really no need to be lugging a litre of water around with you – and remember, 1L = 1kg!

500ml water bottles or less are ideal, and you can always refill them.

5. Focus on your posture

Walk upright and don’t slouch. This will help keep your body balanced, despite carrying a heavy load.

6. Don’t put off seeking treatment for pain

You can avoid injury and get your spine checked at your local chiropractor to asses what’s really happening.

Will these tips make you change your handbag habits?

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