Online Dating : How’s your Lava Life? continued

May 21, 2002

Tips for emails and messages

  • Experiment and find a style and tone that ‘sounds like you’
  • Use an interesting subject line in your message
  • Check spelling and try use a conversational, creative and positive tone
  • Pick-up lines are cheesy and corny and don’t make a good first impression
  • If replying to a profile, mention something about the recipient’s profile that interested you
  • Ask a question or two and include some brief information about yourself
  • Keep things light and friendly, anything else can come across as desperate and needy

It’s that easy.

If you find you click with a person through your emails and messages, you could even take the next step and have a chat on the phone. If all goes well, you could meet in person.

Tips for meeting face to face

  • Speak to them on the phone first
  • Make sure you have a contact phone number for them
  • Let a friend know when the date is, where and with whom
  • Arrange to meet somewhere neutral like a coffee shop to start with
  • Keep it short and sweet for the first few dates – eg a coffee, an art gallery

Online dating could revitalise your love life. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these success stories from Lavalife?

Hi Lavalife,
I did meet someone special three months ago. This coming September we are going to get married. I would like to thank your service, as if not for you I would have never met her.

Thanks again, G. Boal

Dear Lavalife,
Thank you! I really wasn’t sure what I was going to find on your site. I’ve found an amazing fellow. He’s sweet, sexy, and a keeper!! So, I decided to retire my profile for now, because, as flattering as all the attention is, I want to concentrate on this great man… and see how it all works out.


Thanks Lavalife. I’ve met someone wonderful on your site. She’s even planning on moving, so we can be closer.

Keep up the good work!
P. Armstrong


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