How’s your sex life?

February 11, 2003

Men dream about sex with their best mate?s girlfriend, girls about lesbian sex, both agree the opposite sex just don?t get it when it comes to foreplay. That?s the bottom line according to the results of the recent Durex Global Sex Survey. In its sixth year, the survey was completed by over 50,000 people around the world.Here?s what was revealed?

People around the world are enjoying a busy love life, having sex an average of 139 times a year. And some countries are racing way ahead ? the French are the most amorous having sex 167 times a year followed by the Dutch (158) and the Danes (152). Australians fared well having sex on average 144 times per year. Lovers in Singapore (110) and Thailand (112) have sex the least.

Almost a quarter of people globally (24%) declared they would have sex within a month, and 17% said on the first night. Half the people said they had a one-night stand and men are more likely than women to have a fling, but only just (54% compared to 42% of women).

Australian women revealed they wanted more foreplay (42%) and wanted their lovers to be creative, gentle and slow down when making love. Boys think women lack creativeness and also wanted more foreplay. 13% of men also revealed they wanted their partner to talk less in bed.

The car is still the most popular place to have public sex for Australians (68%) followed by the beach (44%), in the park (39%) and in the bush (36%). 10% said they had sex in a telephone booth.

Norwegians are more likely to have sex on the first night (32%) but it doesn?t always last with 72% admitting to a one-night stand.

The Durex Global Sex Survey revealed that more than two thirds (68%) would reveal their sexual fantasies to their partner but are less likely to own up to an affair (47%).

More than 40% of Australian men fantasised about having sex with a best mate?s partner while half the Australian women surveyed admitted to fantasising about sex with another woman. Globally, the most popular fantasy is sex with a celebrity with 65% of people admitting they?ve thought about it.

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