Hurley not headed down the aisle

November 18, 2003

Hurley not headed down the aisle

According to a London tabloid the wedding between film star Liz Hurley and her Indian lover Arun Nayar, aka the Bombay Bonker, has been called off, apparently after rows over money! Nice to know that even the celebrities fight over money now and again! In a front-page report, The News of the World said Nayar, 37, called off the wedding with Hurley, 38, after rows over her expensive lifestyle. According to the report, Arun?s financial problems have forced him to be treated as a kept man and he doesn?t like it one bit. “Proud Arun Nayar’s cash problems have led to him jilting one of the sexiest women in the world,” the tabloid stated. He recently had to pay and estimated $1.5 million dollars to his Italian model wife Valentina Pedori in their divorce settlement so he could be free to marry Hurley.

But the news from the Hurley camp tells a very different story with a spokeswoman for Hurley as saying that the two “are still happy together”. Hurley set UK paper the Evening Standard straight, revealing that the couple are not even engaged! But Miss Hurley’s agent, Karen Smith, said: “It was an invention of the press that Elizabeth and Arun were getting married and they are highly amused to be told that their wedding is now off. They are eagerly awaiting the next fictionalised installment of their riveting matrimonial plans.” Wonder what the real truth is? Will ?unlucky in love Liz? finally get her big day to walk down the aisle? The world?s media are advising Liz not to hold her breath for a big wedding anytime soon!

Downey Jr. To Wed Again

In more wedding news, it appears reformed bad boy Robert Downey Jr. is ready to head down the aisle again. According to Access Hollywood, the 38-year-old star will wed producer/girlfriend/muse Susan Levin. The two met earlier this year on the set of Downey’s upcoming thriller Gothika, in which he starred with Halle Berry – who famously broke her arm during the filming? Downey told USA Today, of his wife-to-be “She has a real life, and she’s really organized. It’s really cool.” How amazing a woman with her own life!

Timberlake?s newest venture

Fresh from winning several major awards at the European MTV Awards, Justin Timberlake, 22, has announced he will add his name to the list of high-profile celebrities to venture into the restaurant business. According to reports out of the US, the young funkster is now a partner at Chi, one the hottest new spots on Sunset Boulevard in LA. But don?t worry. It doesn?t sound like JT will be serving any drinks or waiting on tables at the hip new place to be, as he has hooked up with veteran club owners Art and Allan Davis, who already own three other clubs in the L.A. area. “Justin’s been frequenting our clubs for a few years now and we got to meet him and talk to him, and he loved the dim sum idea. He loved the look of the place and wanted to be involved. So we got him involved,” said Allan Davis. The Los Angeles Times has described the new club as “1930s Shanghai-meets-Blade Runner.” Cool can?t wait for our invite to dim sum with Justin! Pass the pork buns, JT!

Celebrity presenters snare bags worth thousands!

Wouldn?t you love a job presenting an award at this year?s American Music Awards show? Not only would you get to hang out backstage with all the hippest music crowd, but apparently you get to take home a highly coveted goodies basket. According to reports the gift baskets for this year’s presenters are worth an estimated $31,000 US – in honor of the show’s 31st anniversary. That?s around $53,000 Aussie dollars ? more than most of us earn in a year! The baskets contain nearly 150 items including first-class plane tickets, karaoke machines and gift certificates for laser eye surgery. In a statement, AMA executive producer Dick Clark said, “I understand it’s going to take at least two oversized bags for each of them to carry away the ‘loot.? Need any help to carry those bags guys?

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