Hydrating masks put to the test

April 9, 2002

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Hydrate your skin

We tried and tested 3 hydrating masks to see if they do what they really do. Here is what we discovered:

Now if you think hydrating masks are just for severely dry, sun-damaged skin, then you are sadly mistaken. In truth they are for normal, oily or combination. Beautician Ina says, ? They are for everyone. When your skin suffers from the over-indulgence of late nights, too much drink, exposure to smoke and unbalanced diets, a hydrating mask is really the only thing to sort them out.?

Hope in a Jar by Philosophy

This is gel-like and refreshing mask with Vitamin E, jojoba and soya bean derivatives. This

smells beautiful and does exactly what the name says it does. Your skin will feel soft and plump again. The packaging is slick and cool but we must admit a bottle of this is a little expensive but you won?t be disappointed. Check it out at www.meccacosmetica.com.auAveda Hydrating mask

This oil-free gel mask contains moisturising plant extracts, aloe, kelp, lavender and rosewater is perfect for tired, dry and stressed out skin. It is easy to apply and feels nice on your skin. After the application, the gel becomes a thin sheen that can either be removed after 10 minutes with a gentle swipe or left on overnight. If you leave it on overnight we can assure you your skin will feel fantastic. Head straight to the nearest Aveda store near you.

Lush facial masks

Lush products are fab and spooned from stainless steel bowls on ice, like dips at an up-market deli. Our fave is the Wow Wow mask, which is made of deli-fresh ingredients: oats (to soften), marigold (to tone), limeflower and mushrooms (for thread veins). It feels cool and lumpy but the messiness of the mask was off-putting and a bit of an effort to remove. Not such a great mask.


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