I Came To Say Goodbye

October 1, 2010

I Came to Say Goodbye

By Caroline Overington

Who is left behind when a family falls apart?

It was four o’clock in the morning.

A young woman pushed through the hospital doors.

Staff would later say they thought the woman was a new mother, returning to her child – and in a way, she was.

She walked into the nursery, where a baby girl lay sleeping. The infant didn’t wake when the woman placed her gently in the shopping bag she had brought with her. There is CCTV footage of what happened next, and most Australians would have seen it, either on the internet or the news.
The woman walked out to the car park, towards an old Corolla. For a moment, she held the child gently against her breast and, with her eyes closed, she smelled her.

She then clipped the infant into the car, got in and drove off.

That is where the footage ends.

It isn’t where the story ends, however.

It’s not even where the story starts.

SheSaid Says:
Few books this year have generated as much buzz as Caroline Overington’s I Came To Say Goodbye, published 1 October. From the bestselling author of Ghost Child, I Came to Say Goodbye is an utterly gripping novel. Covering mental health, child protection, immigration and above all, family drama, I Came to Say Goodbye doesn’t shy away from the big issues.

You will not be able to put this novel down – it is an extraordinary and unforgettable page turner. The Australian Women’s Weekly gives it the thumbs up, as do booksellers and book groups. Read it early, so you can brag to your friends that you were there at the beginning . . .

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I Came To Say Goodbye

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