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“I made a dress for Lady Gaga”

“I made a dress for Lady Gaga”

Fashion designer Justine Davis created a one-of-a-kind dress for style queen Lady Gaga. here’s her story.

Best known for her unique twist on cocktail dresses Justine Davis began her fashion education in Perth Western Australia. As a multi-award winning student she honed her style in London amidst its’ vibrant designers. Upon returning to Sydney to launch her label, the designer sparked interest locally and abroad while being discovered at Australian Fashion Week soon after.

The brand has been showcased in Shanghai, as part of Singapore Fashion Festival and featured at Miami Fashion Week. As a result Justine has established a market place across Australia, Saudi Arabia, Miami, Atlanta, Shanghai, and Dubai.

Such is the success of the label; Justine Davis created a custom-made ‘Lady Gaga’ dress.

Lady Gaga is fantastic for fashion and music. I love the way she pushes boundaries and ignites our imaginations,” says Justine. “She is certainly a unique force with her own creative voice.”

“Designing a dress for Gaga came about through a friend who was managing her tour out here and the opportunity presented itself. I jumped at it as she is a brilliant muse for a designer. Her style is very entertaining in every sense of the word as well as bold, fun and full of modern contradiction, so I wanted the dress to reflect all of these.”

“The Lady Gaga dress was actually adapted from a Spring/Summer collection style. I made it a lot shorter than the picture on the model so it made it appear a lot more sci-fi. It was when she was going through her stage of wearing white space looking motorcycle helmets in the street with her usual ‘underwear as pants’ statement. When the dress is a lot shorter, you can see the layers of tulle underneath with a silver binding around the edge. To give it a reflective and bold edge, I molded strips of a silver metal-based fibre and appliquéd a luxurious gold, bronze and silver sequin silk georgette fabric.”

“The final product was lots of fun to create and even better to hear she loved it. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to dress her in Australia.”

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