“I Thought She Was A Crazy Pregnant Lady!” – How Robbie Met Ayda

August 12, 2010

“I Thought She Was A Crazy Pregnant Lady!” – How Robbie Met Ayda

Robbie Williams thought Ayda Field was a “crazy pregnant woman” when they first met.

The couple – who married in an intimate ceremony at their Beverly Hills home last Saturday were set up on a blind date by mutual friends in January 2007 and after communicating by text message for a few weeks, agreed to meet at the singer’s house for the first time, with the actress enjoying a few glasses of wine to settle her nerves beforehand.

Ayda said: “I’d been staying with friends so had borrowed a dress, which was long-sleeved, cut to the knee, unsexy with a little pouchy bit over the stomach like a kangaroo.”

Robbie added: “So she walks into the house and I think, ‘She’s pregnant’. And she’s had a few wines so she had this real attitude.

“Now, because I’ve been in Los Angeles for so long, I’d got it into my head that there are no good women in LA – maybe pretty women, but they’re all crazy and it’s not a sound gene pool to swim in. I just thought she was another crazy.”

The “awkward” pair eventually returned to the party where Ayda had started her evening and the singer eventually realised his mistakes after they relaxed in one another’s company.

He told Britain’s Hello! magazine: “Everyone there was a billionaire and I felt a bit scared and held on to Ayda. We sat next to each other on a sofa and at that moment we fell in love, but I didn’t realise it was love at first sight until several months later.

“Later in the evening, when the party got really crazy, with people in the Jacuzzi, she changed into a Bond-style Ursula Andress bathing suit. I thought, ‘Holy f**k! That pregnant lady is fit!’ ”

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