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I Tried Makeup Products For Pale People. Here’s What Actually Worked.

I Tried Makeup Products For Pale People. Here’s What Actually Worked.

Because white face paint just doesn’t cut it.

No matter how many makeup products are on the market, it seems like everyone still has their own beauty pet peeve.

Some girls can’t ever seem to find their perfect shade of lipstick, others search far and wide for the ultimate brow product, and some can never find makeup for their particular skin tone.

I definitely have the latter issue. Not only do I have pale skin, but my face is also covered in dark freckles and I have a pink undertone, so I have to try to match my actual skin, my freckles and hide redness. Searching for a foundation to address all of the above is akin to trying to nab a pair of shoes in my size at an ASOS flash sale; mostly futile and endlessly painful.

As a teen who dabbled in the goth scene, I used to just waltz into my local cosmetic store, make a beeline for the whitest foundation they stocked, and slam my money on the counter, content in my choice, even though it resembled white clown makeup. But now in my twenties, I dread makeup shopping.

Bronzers and contour powders typically make me look like I’ve rubbed dirt on my cheeks, I can never find a highlighter brighter than my porcelain white skin, and foundation? Forget about it. Or so I thought, until my editor challenged me to go on the ultimate quest, testing literally dozens of makeup products to find the best products for pale skin.

Unsurprisingly, some disappointed and others were underwhelmingly average, but an elite few were so good, they’ve literally changed my entire makeup game. So, fellow porcelain white sisters, fret no more. Here are the best of the best products for pale skin…

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Brightening Skin Primer


This primer might have come out of the tube looking frighteningly pink and shimmery, but, to my surprise, it really color-corrected my pink undertone skin, making it all the same shade and therefore, a perfect base for my foundation. It did everything a good primer should do, brightening, correcting and keeping my makeup in place all day long.

Buy it here.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Porcelain (0) 


I’d seen foundation sticks around and always pooh-poohed them, but this baby forced me to reevaluate my stance. This foundation goes on flawlessly. You simply draw the stick on your face in the places you need the most coverage, and then use a brush to buff it out and into the skin. It’s completely buildable, so you can throw a thin coat on if you’re in a rush or having a good skin day, or do a full-coverage look if you’re going out on the town.

I was color-matched at a Bobbi Brown makeup counter, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s so much more cost-effective than buying foundation after foundation, only to get home and find out it’s the wrong shade. We’ve all suffered through a foundation that oxidizes, and by the time you get home at the end of the day, it looks like your face – and only your face – has been on a tropical holiday. Getting matched by an expert solved that problem and left me with a fresh, natural look that held true throughout the day.

Buy it here.

Skin O2 Mineral Contour Powder Palette (Sheer)


Contouring has never been my strong point, mainly because the powders are always way too dark for my skin tone. But this mineral powder palette really take the cake, providing a range of graduated hues so you can customize your shade. I used “Sheer”, which is the lightest one in the palette and delivered an impressively natural look perfect for everyday wear.

Buy it here.

Bobbi Brown “Pink Glow” Highlighting Powder  


Look at that shine! I’m obsessed with this highlighter. After becoming well and truly converted by it, I made all of my fellow pale-faced friends and family try it. The highlighter is paired with a pink shimmer powder, which makes the result very dramatic, but it can easily be blended in for a more subtle look. It’s definitely a highlighter which is bright enough to blind my enemies, which is everything I wanted.

Buy it here.

The Makeup Factory “Sadie” Vegan Lipstick 


One of my absolute fave things about being on the paler side is being able to rock a dark lipstick, and I just fell in love with this dark mauve lippy. It’s matte, which is great, and goes on really easily. Having pale skin means I can look badass in dark lipstick, but can also pull it off for an every day look – it really is a perk. This lipstick was great because not only is it completely vegan, but the nourishing formula means it never leaves you with a dried-out pout.

Buy it here.

Comment: What products have you discovered work best on your pale skin?

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