I Was In The Oprah Audience!

December 14, 2010

I Was In The Oprah Audience!

Well I just had the best two hours I can remember! I was lucky enough to win tickets in the Oprah ticket lottery a few weeks ago and couldn’t have imagined it would be so much fun!

I took my sister along and we both danced, screamed and clapped our hearts out along with 6000+ people…all from the second row! I thought we would be sitting on the steps in front of the Opera, or Oprah House, so couldn’t believe our luck when we were seated in the second row! We had an amazing view. And Oprah was just as mesmerising and energetic as I’d hoped. She was really funny and gracious and genuinely seemed to be in love with Sydney and the country. Her 302-strong audience couldn’t stop smiling and cheering.

Ok ok, the guests. First up was Bono before he had to head out to prepare for their second concert tonight. Then Hugh Jackman flew in on the zipline and as you’ve probably seen on the news by now, came in way too fast and hurt his eye. It was a bit scary, especially as his lovely wife and kids were watching from the front row. But he was an absolute trooper and after a quick touch up with the St John’s Ambulance team was back out with Oprah drinking Penfold’s Grange and introducing her to Vegemite. Guess what? She loved it!

Olivia Newton-John was next up, being her adorable self. She brought out those tight black leather pants she wore in Grease, and they were TINY! Doll size. She told us they’re insured for hundreds of thousands of dollars and she’s hoping to auction them off soon to raise money for her cancer centres. Brilliant!

Next up were Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. And I found them, Nicole especially, really down-to-earth and endearing. She was very Aussie, joking around and not afraid to sound silly in front of such a huge audience. And she looked stunning in a simple white silk dress and very lovey-dovey with Keith.

The very moving finale was when the Australian Youth Choir, aka the Qantas Choir, filled the stage, along with an Aboriginal didgeridoo player, and brought it all home with I Still Call Australia Home. Hugh Jackman started it off but all the star guests joined in, including Russell Crowe, as well as Oprah. We all sang along under a perfect blue sky – it was one of those money-can’t-buy moments.

And it wouldn’t be an Oprah show without a giveaway, and I was blown away to hear we will all be receiving an elegant pink diamond necklace!

Sorry about the poor quality of my photos, we weren’t allowed to use our phones but I had to sneak in a few. Can’t wait to tune in in January when they screen all the Australian episodes! Thank you Oprah for the most wonderful afternoon!

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