I Wore Vibrating Panties And Now My Life Will Never Be The Same

June 10, 2019

It was not possible to keep a straight face while wearing them.

I try a lot of crazy sex toys in this job.

But a vibrator that can be worn inside my underwear and controled remotely via my boyfriend’s smartphone? That was a new one, even for me.

The Moxie is the latest high-tech release from the guys who make the WeVibe, and it’s been designed to help keep the sexual spark well and truly alive when you and your partner are separated by work or just like, life.

So I bravely trialed in live on camera, and well, see for yourself…

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The Moxie

What it is: A remote-control wearable clitoral vibrator

How it works: Equipped with a magnetic clip, allowing you to turn almost any pair of panties into a wearable sex toy, the Moxie connects to your partner’s smartphone, where they’ll be able to tease you to orgasm with 10 vibration patterns.

Who it’s suited for: Long-distance relationships and couples looking to spice things back up.

Where to get it: Buy it HERE.


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