I Wore A Waist Trainer For 7 Days Straight. Here’s What Happened.

August 4, 2016
waist trainer results

Do I look like a Kardashian yet? 

I’m a pretty cynical person, especially when it comes to celebrities. I take everything they say with a grain of salt and tend to doubt their endorsements because they’re obviously getting money to say these things. So my first reaction to waist trainers – thrown into popularity by Kim Kardashian and the like – was “there’s no way they would work”.

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As much as I try to be body positive, sometimes it’s really hard to love everything about myself. I have a bunch of clothes I never wear because they scare me – bodycon dresses are not my friends – and unless I’m taking a carefully staged selfie, I’m not a massive fan of having my photo taken. I have large shoulders, wide hips and not much of a waist at all.

I’ve worn a few corsets in my time, so I understand how they work – they suck everything in at the waist, and the boning provides an hourglass figure. Technically waist trainers are just corsets, minus the whale bones and tightening strings, but I doubted a waist trainer would give me the results Kim K claims they give her, unless perhaps I wore the trainer all day, every day.

So that’s what I did. I wore a latex waist trainer all day, every day, for one week, and I was pretty surprised at the results…

Day 1


The first achievement of the week was actually getting the waist trainer on. Doing up each of the hooks was a struggle, even on the loosest setting. But once I got it on, I was surprised at how comfortable it was. The latex moved with my body and it actually didn’t hinder much movement at all. And my new posture was amazing! Having such tight constriction around my stomach made it hard to slouch, so I was forced to sit up straight all day.

It was pretty cold in the office, but the trainer seemed to insulate me and keep me extra warm. It was sort of like a tight hug that lasted all day. I wished I could do it up tighter.

I’ll never forget what happened when I took the waist trainer off at the end of the day so I could shower. The comfort of the whole thing made me forget how tight it actually was, and my stomach was covered in red lines. It had done such a good job holding all the wobbly bits in place that the second I took it off I was shocked at how much my stomach expanded. I couldn’t wait to put it back on so everything would stop jiggling.

Day 2


To really test out if anyone could see the trainer in action, I wore some of the tightest clothes I owned: skinny jeans and a tight-fitting shirt. No one could tell I was wearing it, and my jeans fit better around my hips. Everything looked smoother and I didn’t have any dreaded stomach overhang, which I loved.

As awesome as I looked in the outfit, the all-round tight combo left me really sweaty. Like, crazy sweaty. This is totally TMI, but the trainer was actually a little damp when I took it off at the end of the day. Honestly, it really grossed me out. But then I remembered how good I looked and realized I didn’t really care about being sweaty. Beauty is pain.

Day 3


I know skipping meals doesn’t encourage weight loss, so that isn’t what I’m saying happened, but after three days of wearing the trainer, I found I was eating less and I felt like I was losing weight. When I did eat, I was having pretty healthy meals; the idea of eating a massive meal in the trainer was not pleasant. I was bloated and it was so tight after a cup of tea and a sandwich that I really didn’t want to know how it would feel after a massive feast.

I could easily do the trainer up on the next set of hooks at the end of the day, which means… three days and I’d lost weight! I couldn’t believe it. There has to be some kind of conspiracy here.

Day 4


I felt so much more self-confident today. With everything strapped down, I found I had the confidence to wear clothes I would never have even thought to wear before. I ended up going to a housewarming party and wearing a tight dress I had bought without trying on. This dress itself was a nightmare – it made me instantly hate myself once I saw my reflection – but the waist trainer changed that. I wore that damn dress and I rocked it. All night I got compliments about how good I looked, and I actually believed them. The best moment of the week came when my friend called someone else over to show them how good I looked. It felt amazing, and my newfound self-confidence lasted all through the week. It didn’t just hold my stomach in, it also defined my waist and exaggerated my other curves.

But I was starting to rely on the waist trainer in order to feel good. Before getting ready for the party, I ducked to the shops and didn’t wear the trainer (I wasn’t cheating, I swear) and I felt awful the whole time. I couldn’t wait to get home to put it on. I’ve never gone from feeling so crap about my looks to feeling so good about them in such a short period of time.

Day 5


Today I noticed a pattern that had been in the making since day one: the waist trainer made me horny as hell. I don’t know why, but from the second I put it on in the morning until I took it off, I was ready to dive into bed with my SO. I’m not sure if this was because I’ve worn a few corsets in the bedroom before and my brain associated the feeling of the trainer with getting frisky, or whether it was because it made me feel sexy AF. There’s no way this can be a coincidence, right? That’s it, I’m going to come right out and say it: the trainer definitely had an impact on my sex drive.

The trainer is comfortable and allows for full movement if you know what I’m saying. It also hid my least sexy feature and pushed up my chest, so I looked more visually appealing. It was like wearing lingerie, and it was extremely alluring for myself and my partner. All of this combined made for a very active (and extra sweaty) week…

Day 6


The Kardashians snap pictures of themselves wearing their waist trainers at the gym, which has always confused me. The company I bought my trainer from – Waist Trainer X – suggests working out with and without the trainer on, otherwise the core won’t strengthen because the trainer will be copping all the hard work. I played a round of laser tag in this thing, and the heat factor was almost unbearable. It was one of the only times I wanted to take it off and throw it in the bin. Sit-ups were pretty much impossible, so I just did cardio the whole week while hating every second of it. The website says it will “increase thermal activity” and “stimulate perspiration” – yep, that’s all true.

I’m not saying the Kardashians are full of shit and don’t work out in their trainers, but if they do they definitely take the photos before they’ve done any physical activity, because I became the sweatiest, most red-faced version of myself after wearing this thing at the gym.

Day 7


On the last day of the week-long challenge, I wore the trainer on the tightest setting. Overall, it definitely helped me lose some weight (probably because of all the sweating), and I ate healthier because anything that was going to bloat me was really unappealing. While wearing it, my waist was instantly more defined and I loved how I looked, but I found that if I wasn’t wearing it I felt worse about myself.

If combined with exercise and healthy eating, I think the waist trainer would actually work in the long run, even though it’s probably not a good thing to put your body through for too long.

If you’re after a quick way to suck everything in so you can look hot AF in that tight dress, the waist trainer is perfect. I actually really enjoyed my week in it, and I’ll continue to wear it semi-daily and on special occasions, at least until I learn to love the skin I’m in on my own.

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