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If You Love Gummy Bears Do NOT Watch This Video Of How They’re Made

If You Love Gummy Bears Do NOT Watch This Video Of How They’re Made

What Are Gummy Bears Made From

You’ll never look at your candy the same again. 

When I think about gummy bears and what they’re made of, I mainly think of a shitload of sugar and food coloring.

They’re not exactly a healthy snack, although some people euphemistically use the fact they’re fat-free as a good reason to eat them. (That’s like saying chocolate is good for you because it’s gluten-free.)

However, as with everything in life, if you have your candy in moderation, it’s fine – or so I thought, until watching the trailer for a new Belgian TV show showing how our fave candy is made in reverse, from the moment of bliss when you pop the colorful sweets in your mouth, to the very start when they were…well, just watch and see for yourself. But be warned, it’s DISGUSTING.

If you like candy, you probably don’t want to watch this video, however, if you’re trying to eat less crap, watching it will make your diet a whole lot easier….

If you made it to the end of the video, you now know the gross truth; gelatine is made from the collagen extracted from pig’s skin and bones, and the process is anything but pretty.

The good news is, you don’t need to swear off gummy bears forever. There’s actually vegan gummy bears, which are made using agar (a type of tasteless gelatinous seaweed) in place of animal-based gelatine and taste just like the real thing. And if that’s got you inspired to go the vegan route with your candy, you’ll be pleased to know Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Airheads, Jujubes and Oreos are also completely animal product free. The bonus of eliminating animal-based products from your diet is that you’re not supporting animal cruelty and the negative impact raising animals for food has on our environment.

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Comment: Are you surprised to learn where gelatine comes from, or do you already eat an animal product free diet?


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