If You’re Feeling Ugly, Read This

July 19, 2019

I’m at my most vulnerable as I address the toxic comments I get online as a woman. 

I’m no stranger to criticism.

I’ve lived my life online for over ten years now so I can handle feedback if it’s constructive.

What concerns me is that of late, the vast majority of hate comments left of my channel are to do with my appearance. I constantly get comments telling me that I’m overweight, ugly and even a slut.

When you leave a comment online, it’s easy to forget there’s a human being on the other side. It feels like there are no consequences because you don’t see a reaction.

You don’t see me read those comments, but that doesn’t mean you can be ignorant about how much they hurt.

The reality is, toxic comments shaming women about their bodies perpetuates the notion that we are only as good as our appearance. By leaving messages about my weight and my eyebrows, you justify this behavior to other people and the toxic comments begin to pile up.

As women, we are constantly judged and held to beauty standards that are impossible to reach. We have to be thin, flawless and glamorous but not so flawless that we come across as fake.

The toxic comments women get online reinforce that in this society we are only worth as much as the way our bodies look. This puts an enormous amount of pressure on us and most women I know have gone to extreme and unhealthy lengths to try to fit into the standard, myself included.

I’ve been under so much scrutiny about my body that I use photoshop to edit my Instagram photos, terrified that someone might make a comment about my weight.

I want to make a change.

In this video, I open up about my struggles with toxic internet hate and explain why it’s important to be raw and honest online.

If you’ve ever felt like you were ugly, you need to watch this video…

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