“I’m a stylist for SUPRÉ!”

February 8, 2010

Online stylist Lizzie Macpherson from SUPRÉ tells us how she scored her job, what will be ‘in’ for winter, her fave beauty products and whose style she covets.

How did you get to where you are today?

“I have been in and around this industry for as long as I can remember and always seemed to find myself being approached by friends and family to help out on photo shoots or with ideas. I went on to study Fashion Design and realized that I loved the whole production, putting the clothes together & using the clothes in a different way, whether on a shoot or day to day.

I then began to assist photographers or anyone else who needed a hand and I watched and learned, I worked as an assistant stylist for a magazine here in Sydney and then I went freelance. I worked in London styling and assisting on shoots and Ad’s. In Thailand I styled Fashion shoots and Interiors for local magazines and designers.
I believe if you’re passionate about something then it never feels like work, I love being able to be creative every day and also spend time with people who feel the same way.”

How can someone get into the fashion business like you?

“Assist where possible, know your point of difference, be authentic, be positive, be impeccable with your word, always do more than what is expected, don’t be afraid to try new things, listen carefully to your clients try to capture their vision and ask questions, lose your ego, use common sense, if you fail try again…and always smile.”

What is one thing in your wardrobe you will never throw away?

“Vintage Pucci dress given to me by my step grandmother, I love the print and style and I also love the person who gave me the dress, the things I keep always have sentimental value, which is far more important to me than the brand or cost.”

What accessory are you obsessed with right now?

“Bags, bags, bags! Not just right now, but always.”

What brands of jeans do you love?

“Paige Denim Jeans – the cuts are really flattering. Deisel- comfortable and trendy. J Brand – great skinny jeans to wear with boots.”

Where do you like to shop online?

“eBay, net-a-porter.”

Which celebrity has the best style and why?

“Erin Wasson, she is cool in a rough around the edges way and she has attitude, I love the way she puts things together so effortlessly, she never looks like she tries too hard and always stays true to her personal style.”

What fashion looks will be in for winter?

“Anything goes!! Floral’s, stripes, spots, animal print, studded detailing, textured fabrics, printed knits, deep purples, heavy embellishments.
Mix soft and feminine with tough and edgy, think large flowy tops, Sailor striped sweaters, jackets with metallic detailing and large shoulders military style, ankle boots with detail or studded flats, long necklaces and large bangles, and finish it off with a spotted scarf.
It’s all about expressing yourself this winter, have fun, don’t hold back!”

What skincare do you use?

“I love Environ & Collins, I try to use really natural products most of the time as my skin is very sensitive.”

What is your must-have beauty product?

“MAC concealer, Chanel mascara (it’s all about the mascara brush).”

What is your go-to lip gloss?

“Sexy mother pucker.”

Where do you like to eat?

“Toko Surry Hills, Emads Lebanese Surry Hills.”

Where is your favourite travel spot and why?

“Thailand, as I feel a strong connection with that part of the world, I can rest, relax, get massages, do yoga and really unwind. I love the fact that it’s still a little crazy there, nothing works properly and I always seem to find myself in funny situations. It’s peaceful and chaotic at the same time, but somehow it works.”

What’s the last thing you downloaded on your iPod?

“Ray La Montagne.”

Who would play you in a movie?

“Katherine Heigl, because even though she is passionate about her work it doesn’t define who she is and she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.”

What would the book of your life be called?

“‘The Nomad’ (my friends & family would say ‘The Adventures of a Chocaholic’).”

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