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I’m Engaged – Now What? 9 Things To Check Off Your List

I’m Engaged – Now What? 9 Things To Check Off Your List

I'm Engaged - Now What? 9 Things To Tick Off Your List

You’re engaged – congratulations! For some, it might seem a little early to start planning the wedding (which might be more than one year away), but it’s best to be prepared in matters of the heart.

Tick off these ten essentials off your list after the engagement party has come and gone.

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Bridal magazines

Stock-up on those bridal magazines and start doing your research! It’s best to cover all of your bases and learn as much as you can now… a little inspiration never hurt!

Insure your ring

Make sure you can get the ring appraised and insured as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry, especially if something comes up down the track.

Guest list

Start thinking about the guest list for your wedding – especially if you come from a big family. Where will the reception take place? Will it be an international wedding?

Gift registry

If you’re the type of couple who knows exactly what they want, it’s best to register for gifts. This way, you will know what to expect from your guests and won’t be stuck with doubles.

Bridal party

Who will be the maid of honour – your sister or your best friend? These are the tough questions!


After the wedding comes the honeymoon, so it’s important that you both make it special! Decide on where you want to go, when you’re both free to travel from work, and how long you will be staying.


While it’s probably a downer (especially if you love an impulse purchase every now and then), it’s important to talk about your wedding budget. Are you willing to try a DIY, or leave it to the professionals?

Wedding planner

Will you go at it alone or hire the services of a wedding planner for the big day? Do your research, follow a few in your local area on Instagram and get some inspiration for your theme.


Wedding venues typically sell-out fast, so it’s important to book your venue as soon as a date is planned. Don’t leave it to the last minute, and make sure you have a back-up plan if the reception is outside.

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