Straighten Up: The Importance Of Good Posture

Claudia Wood

When posture is the topic of conversation, you can’t help but imagine wearing a dress from the 1800s and balancing books on your head while flouncing around the room. Well, that’s what I imagine anyway.

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Posture is often overlooked as we go about our daily activities and is something that is regularly taken for granted. However, having good posture is extremely important, especially when we are constantly glued to computer screens while sitting in chairs that aren’t positioned right. How we sit at work, in the car and on the lounge can affect our posture, and thus our health.

Having good posture is as important as exercising regularly and eating healthy. Without it, our health is affected. Poor posture can cause fatigue, placing stress on your muscles to hold you up and can cause these muscles to become tight and achy, which increases the risk of injury. Poor posture can also cause problems with digestion and breathing.

The causes of poor posture are unique to the individual. Poor posture can result from weak core muscles, which cause the hips and torso to become unaligned and places more pressure on the lower back. Sitting for long periods during the day, such as that of office work can also cause poor posture from tightened hip flexors.

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Other causes of poor posture range from weight gain to wearing high heels. Driving in cars with poorly designed seats, sitting in the wrong seat for your body at work and the increasingly electronic society has us throwing out our posture and causing health issues.

If you look around your office, does everyone has perfect posture, or are many people stooped at their desks in front of their computer? Posture is something that we need to take into our own hands to correct.

Regular exercise is a great way to keep your posture healthy (and your body as well!). It strengthens and tones your muscles, and keeps them flexible. Regular exercise can also keep your weight down which has a positive affect on your posture, as excess weight, especially on the stomach, weakens the abdominals and pulls on the back.

You also need the best support for your back from where you sit and sleep. Ensuring that your chair is the right height for your desk and computer screen can help to avoid posture problems and investing in a good quality mattress is a must when it comes to a healthy spine.

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