Improve Your Life With Feng Shui

Paige Ahearn

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that is said to improve your environment and creative positive energy. And while it’s strange to think that rearranging your lounge-room a certain way or keeping particular entrances clear will impact your life, the Chinese believe that good feng shui brings good fortune.

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So, if you’re feeling stuck, lacking in energy and abundance, or are simply moving into an new apartment, here is a basic guide to feng shui.


With clutter comes chaos, so simplify your living space by getting rid of anything that you don’t use or no longer need. It might seem like a bit of a chore at first, but once you’ve created some extra space you’ll be surprised at how ucmh more calming you’re environment will feel. Good feng shui is about creating free-flowing energy and this is achieved through a fresh, clean space. Stagnant energy keeps you trapped in the past, so get cleaning, girlfriend!

Clear the entry to your home

In feng shui lingo the entrance to your home is called the ‘mouth of chi’, because it’s where all the good energy – known as chi – enters your house. To allow it to flow into other spaces, remove any clutter from the inside of your door such as bikes, toys and bags, so as not to cause any energy blocks. If you want to bring more prosperity into your home and improve the overall mood, paint your front door a new and vibrant colour. Green is said to bring growth, blue relaxation and red, wealth.

Let some light in

A brightly lit room is a happy room. You see, the amount of light present in a space greatly influences the way you feel because it’s the strongest manifestation of energy. How many times have you walked into a dark and dreary room only to feel your spirits dampen? On the contrary, how many times have you felt your energy soar when the sun shines on your face? It’s imperative in feng shui to have smart lighting and good quality air, so pull back those drapes, open up the windows and invest in a few warm globed lamps if need be.

Rearrange your bedroom 

They say we spend nearly one third of our lives asleep, so there’s no doubt that the bedroom has a huge impact on your life. To create a safe and harmonious environment, place your bed in the commanding position of your room. This spot is facing the doorway, but not directly. Move your bed to the farthest position you can where it’s still possible to see the doorway and anyone approaching when lying down. This position is said to bring strength and charge.

Bring the outdoors in

Plants bring good energy into any environment. They’re vibrant, vigorous and the source of all life. While large trees such as lily, bamboo and jade are best – according to feng shui guidelines – a small pot plant will still do the trick. What’s more, placing three new plants in your bedroom is said to liven up your sex life, with pink flowers delivering the most spice. Make sure to keep your greenery well fed by watering them appropriately and exposing them to sunlight if recommended.

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