7 Hacks For Feeling More Sexually Confident

April 21, 2019

Take some time to really focus on yourself… 

We’ve always been good at talking about our physical health, and are getting better and discussions about mental health. But too often, we forget about our sexual health, which is a must for holistic wellbeing.

Just like we take time off work if we’re sick, or have self-care days when our mental health is low, it’s important to take time out to focus on your sexual health.

Sexual wellbeing will mean different things for different people, but generally, having a healthy outlook on your personal sexuality and sexual relationships is a key part of sexual health. Taking time to improve your sexual wellbeing could mean having multiple orgasms (who could complain about that?), having open communication with your sexual partner, or just knowing and feeling confident and sexual in your own body.

Whatever sexual wellbeing means to you, here are seven ways you can take some time to focus on your sexual health in the next week…

1. Set the mood

Lighting candles is something a lot of people do when they’re engaging in some self-care, and they work in the exact same way for sexual self-care. Whether you’re settling in for some solo playtime, sexy partnered fun, or are lighting it just for the delicious scent, this candle is a mood-setting must-have. This is also the best massage candle you’ll ever use, with the smooth oil spreading over the skin with enough time to massage it in. It works well as sensual foreplay, or just for mood lighting.

EDITOR RECOMMENDED: Coco de Mer Roseravished Massage Candle 200g.

sexual wellness massage candle

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2. Take some time out for yourself

Having orgasms is super good for your mental and physical health due to the chemicals and hormones released when you have one. Oxytocin, one of the main hormones released during an orgasm, relaxes and de-stresses the body and mind. So having an orgasm is a great way to increase your sexual wellness. And while reaching the Big-Oh during sex is great, there are so many benefits to masturbating and visiting O-Town alone.

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3. Feel sexy within yourself

There is immense sexual wellness and power in feeling sexy and confident in your own skin. Confidence is one of the sexiest things a woman can have, and sexy lingerie can be one way to make you feel (and look) like a bombshell.

EDITOR RECOMMENDED: Seven ’til Midnight Double Dare Sheer Black Basque and G-String Set

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4. Explore your body

Knowing your own body and sexual wants, needs, and desires is a key part of sexual wellness. Some women have trouble reaching orgasm or perhaps have never experienced a g-spot orgasm before. To maximize chances at both of these kinds of orgasms, using a vibrator which is designed for the female body and to stimulate both the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously is a must.

EDITOR RECOMMENDED: Lelo Ina Wave Luxury Rechargeable 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator

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5. Keep things spicy

If you’re looking to increase the sexual wellness and sex life of your long-term relationship, then it’s important to keep things hot and spicy in the bedroom. This sexual excitement can come in a variety of different forms; introducing sex toys, inviting other people into your bed, or playing sexy games with each other.

EDITOR RECOMMENDED: Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game

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6. Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Pink Flickering Tongue

It’s not only important to mix things up in partnered sex, but masturbating and bringing yourself to orgasm in a variety of different ways is also beneficial for your personal sexual wellness. When wanting to take a break from using a typical vibrator when engaging in solo play, toys which simulate oral sex can be a great alternative.

We recommend: Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Pink Flickering Tongue

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7. Take things slow

Sometimes, increasing your sexual wellness comes in the form of taking things slow and being kind to your body. Dilators are used to slowly get your body used to different sizes being inserted, so for people who are wanting to try internal play for the first time, whether it be because you’re experimenting with anal play or you’re still a virgin. These protractors can also be used to assist women with sexual health issues such as vaginismus or other conditions where inserting anything into the vagina causes pain. If you’re having trouble having penetrative sex, this training set might help to make the whole process a lot less of a shock and be more comfortable for your body. But of course, if you’re experiencing any issues with penetration, seek the assistance of a healthcare professional.

EDITOR RECOMMENDED: Inspire Silicone Dilator Training Set (5 Piece)

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