Improve Your Posture In 3 Steps

December 17, 2012

Good posture is not just essential for your health, but great for your confidence and mood! Forget that Swiss boarding school, good posture is just 3 easy steps away!

1. Keep your eyes on the prize

Imagine that the top of your head is lifting you higher and keep your eyes level with the horizon. Suddenly you’re 5cm taller!

Anytime you catch yourself looking at the ground, look up! Keep your eyes on the trees ahead – much nicer than the dirty ground!

2. Square your hips

Lift your pelvic bones up and into your core. Soften your glutes and keep your body loose – soften any tension as soon as you feel it creeping it into your posture.

3. Square your shoulders

Yoga teachers like to tell students to “open their hearts.” Beyond the spiritual metaphor, what they’re saying is to lift the chest forward and upward and widen your collarbones. Keep the shoulder blades soft.

Check your lower ribs: if you’re pushing your lower ribs forward, then you’re arching your lower back too much. Keep your lower ribs hugged into the core while keeping the heart open.

How do you practise good posture?

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