Book Reviews: In the name of love

January 14, 2003

Every Women’s Luck Book

Icon PressSince the dawn of time, women have consulted the mystic forces of the universe in a bid to uncover the identity of their true love. Tea leaves, palm reading, horoscopes and more have all been called upon to offer up clues that will lead to your perfect match. Every Woman’s Luck Book (Icon Press), originally published in 1930, is a compendium of quirky fortune-telling techniques, ranging from dream analysis to birthday forecasts to numerology. Subtitled What Every Woman Needs to Know to Choose a Husband, this facsimile edition of the original 1930’s edition is a charming book that catalogues the lengths our foremothers went to in an effort to get one up on fate.

Every Woman’s Luck Book has it all from handwriting analysis to Lucky Birthday Forecasts – ‘Will you be luck in love – Will you be wealthy, or will your greatest riches be in happiness?” (Apparently, my having too independent a spirit may spoil my chances if I am not careful. Spooky!)

A quaint reminder of a time when saying I do actually meant something.


Bookfrom the SheSaid Bookshop.Hot Love – How to Get It

Tracey Cox

Tracey Cox is a world authority on sex and relationships. Hot Love is packed with pearls of wisdom on the modern dilemmas of dating, sex and the single woman. Bursting with top tips on everything from flirting to broaching the topic of less than satisfactory sexual style, this pocket-sized guide is a cheeky but informative look at love. There are some real gems in here…Apparently ‘Thrusting a cold, frosty beer into an unsuspecting male hand while saying, ‘Hi, my name’s Lucy,’ will be seen as highly impulsive and wonderfully eccentric.’ I’d try that one out myself, only my name isn’t Lucy.

Other great snippets of advice cover things like one-night stands: “A stranger in your bed, who doesn’t really care about you and you’ll never see again, isn’t the person to pour out your troubles to.”

Love is like a Wonderbra for your love life. If you’re in need of a bit of a lift, don’t miss this book.Buy Hot Love from the SheSaid Bookshop.

The Book of Love Answers

Carol Bolt

Hold this velvety red tome in your hands and ponder a question regarding love. From the $64,000 question ‘Can I be sure that he’s the right one for me?’ to the everyday ‘Should be go out on another date?’ The Book of Love Answers is a modern oracle that can help make sense of what is surely one of the most confusing subjects since calculus – love. Open the book at any page and you’ll find inspirational wit and wisdom to guide you through the most trying times.

Buy The Book of Love Answers from the SheSaid Bookshop.

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