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How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home

Is your home or living room stuck in a monochrome phase? Rather than buying all of your items in various shades of black, white, and grey, give any room a pop of colour with these simple tips.

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Any type of artwork suspended on a canvas is a great way to bring some colour into any room. There are so many different colours, themes and styles to choose from, which is sure to fit in with your design aesthetic.

Canvas and Canvas is an affordable, Melbourne-based online store that sells unique pieces of art for any room and any type of budget. See how each piece of art fits in with your room using the free iPhone app, Happy Wall!

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


If you’re looking for a way to re-vamp your living room, choose a beige or cream-coloured couch instead of the same old black option. It’s a subtle way to introduce some colour into the room without feeling too overwhelming at the same time.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


Fun and textured blankets or throw rugs are another inexpensive way to break up all the monochrome in any room. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen – with towels of course.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


Who else loves collecting fun little ornaments for the bookshelf or the coffee table? These could be anything you’ve collected from your travels, online, or even a bargain from the local markets. Don’t skimp on colour and remember to add some of your favourite books into the mix for a truly unique set-up.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


If beautiful flowers are always on your agenda, ditch the standard white roses in favour of some stunning peonies or khalias. Not only do these flowers last for ages, but they’re definitely a conversation starter! Fake plants are another great alternative if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of real flowers – there’s no shame in that!

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home

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