How To Incorporate Vodka In Your Cooking

April 3, 2014
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This versatile spirit can be enjoyed just as much in the kitchen as in the bar! If you enjoy a tipple here or there but also spend your spare time sharpening your knives and citing Jamie and Nigella, vodka could be your new kitchen best friend. And let’s face it, it’s a bit more fun than kale.

Drunken cherry tomatoes

The perfect companion for mature cheddar cheese and crusty bread. Prick the tomatoes all over and place in airtight jar, cover with Vodka O and add peppercorns, salt, chilli, lemon slices and celery, Leave for two to three days and drain before serving. But don’t throw away the drained vodka – you can strain and chill it to make a spicy Bloody Mary!

Make pasta sauce with a kick

The famous Bloody Mary cocktail demonstrates how well vodka goes with tomato juice, so why not add some vodka to your tomato-based pasta sauce to give it a little kick! Cook garlic, shallots, oregano and chilli in oil until golden brown. Remove from heat and add a generous amount of Vodka O (about 1¼ cups), stir and return to heat and add cherry tomatoes and cook until they begin to collapse. Stir sauce into your favourite pasta and enjoy!

Make the perfect, flaky pie crust

Who would have guessed, but vodka is the magical ingredient for a fine and flaky pie pastry! Follow your usual pie dough recipe, substituting half the amount of water required with Vodka O. Too much water can mean tough pastry, so replacing some of the water means your recipe will still be moist enough to roll out, but the alcohol evaporates during the cooking process.

Marinate your favourite roast

You can make a simple marinade for your Sunday roast using Vodka O, garlic, olive oil, chilli flakes and a pinch of salt and pepper. Marinate for at least eight hours, then add lemon juice and parsley to the roasting pan before placing in the oven.

Vodka watermelon

Frozen vodka watermelon makes a perfect dessert for warm summer nights. Dissolve some sugar in 750ml of Vodka O, cut a hole in the top of a watermelon and slowly pour vodka in until absorbed. Freeze the watermelon for 24 hours, cut into slices and serve.

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