How To Indulge In Foods You Love With Self-Control

March 31, 2014
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Feel guilty about indulging in premium, high-flavoured snacks and meals? A leading premium food expert shows how indulgent foods can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime if you set boundaries, plan ahead and remain in control.

Michael Carp, managing director of Kez’s Kitchen, says: “Some of the tastiest, premium foods that we enjoy the most shouldn’t be associated with feelings of guilt – as long as you set boundaries, and you may need to adopt a new mindset around indulgences to set those boundaries.”

Michael suggests these 6 tips to indulging in high-flavour foods with self-control:

Know thyself

Many of us have a weak point in our day where we’re most likely to snack to get over a slump in energy. Know your weak point and reserve an indulgent snack for this time of the day, if you can.

Stick to a ‘once a day’ rule

If you’re allowing yourself one treat a day, make it something to look forward to. “Make it a small, high-quality treat that’s memorable. You don’t need to go overboard with a meal-sized muffin. Our Taking Cafe Home range was created for this exact purpose – so you can enjoy a premium, café-quality treat such as a Melting Moment or Vienna Éclair, without actually going to a café,” he says.

Develop the right mindset

Think snacking leads to weight gain? “Often, spreading your food consumption through the day in 5-6 smaller meals can help keep your metabolism firing and working faster. If you get overly hungry between meals, you could easily be tempted to eat larger amounts at set meal times, so snacking can potentially help curb your appetite so you eat a normal-sized meal for dinner rather than binge eating,” he says.

Choose the right environment

“Enjoying an indulgent snack with a good coffee or tea for 15 minutes in a quiet area will help you maximise enjoyment from it. It’s about the whole experience, not just the treat itself,” Michael says.

Share with others

Make an indulgence even more satisfying by enjoying a treat with someone else. “Having a treat over coffee with a friend, for instance, can help stimulate good conversation, boost your mood and increase your overall psychological wellbeing,” he says.

Eat mindfully

Try to avoid mindlessly snacking while you’re watching TV or at your desk working. These situations make it very easy to overindulge simply because you’re not focussed on how much you’re consuming.

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