Inez Garcia’s Top Tips On How To Dress For Success

August 16, 2015
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Are you stuck in a slump when it comes to dressing for the office? Take some style inspiration from House of Cards character Claire Underwood, who always looks impeccable and put-together regardless of what her job entails.

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Dress for success with our expert tips from stylist, Inez Garcia, who outlines a few items all women should have in their wardrobe, how to emulate Claire Underwood’s look and how to make the most of your basics for the office.

Why do you think Claire Underwood’s style is so influential in the series?

Claire’s style is an extension of her intriguingly seductive character, with a wardrobe that so perfectly compliments her potent mix of strength and femininity.

What are some ways women at home can recreate her look?

Claire’s wardrobe is simple but always so perfectly tailored, ensuring it’s flattering but never frivolous. You can recreate her look by investing in classic, tailored separates in a timeless, neutral palette of black, white, grey navy and tan.

Inez Garcia's Tips On How To Dress For Success

What are some essential pieces all women should have in the work wardrobe?

  • A selection of classic silk and cotton blouses.
  • Blazer in black or dark navy.
  • Flattering pair of tailored black pants.
  • One simple black shift dress that can be worn pared back for work and then accessorised for after hours.
  • One camel coat.
  • Slim line pencil skirt.

Are there any trends women should stay away from?

Women’s fashion is so wonderfully diverse. We have so many options available to us. One thing all women of great style have in common, however, is that they’ve worked out what suits them best and stick to this regardless of seasonal trends.

Once you find what styles and shapes work for you, shopping becomes so much easier as you’ll no longer be distracted by the shiny, pretty things (that you’ll most probably never end up wearing!).

Inez Garcia's Tips On How To Dress For Success

How can women feel more powerful and confident in their clothes?

The most important thing is to maintain your clothes – make sure they fit properly and have them cleaned and pressed regularly so you don’t look disheveled and unkempt. Pay a little extra to have your hems and sleeves altered, spot clean your tailored pieces and invest in good quality wooden hangers.

Could you name some must-have workwear accessories every woman should own?

  • Black leather handbag.
  • Simple black pumps.
  • Classic watch.
  • Slim black leather belt.
  • One pair of great, flatteringly face-framing sunglasses – essential for those days when you need a little extra help!

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