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July 21, 2009

Keen on a tattoo but worried about the “forever” bit? Say hello to the first easily removable tattoo, Infinitink. SheSaid reader, Nicky Maras, gives us a review.

Name: Nikki Maras
Age: 19
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Date of tattoo: 18th July 2009
Place of tattoo: Bondi Ink

Why did you decide to get a tattoo?

“I wanted to express a big influence on my life, and something that will always be a part of who I am.”

What does it represent to you?
“It represents the clarity I’ve found in my life through my passion for music.”

Why did you go with Infinitink above normal tattooing?
“I had read that the removal procedure was easier with Infinitink, in case I changed my mind and wanted to get it removed down the track.”

How did you find out about Infinitink?

“I’d read about it in a few articles like Mx as well as word of mouth from a friend who’d previously used Infinitink.”

What was the tattooing procedure like?

“After lining up the stencil, the tattooing procedure took about an hour. I was surprised – it didn’t hurt. Big thanks to Mick and friends from Bondi Ink!”

Are you happy with it?
“I couldn’t be happier – it looks great, and the ink went in well, even on the most detailed parts.”

Any plans to have any more?
“Yes, there are more on the cards – it’s just figuring out what I want!”

Would you recommend it to other people?

“Yes, it’s a great experience and you have no regrets with Infinitink.”

Which celebrity’s tattoos do you like and why?

“I like Ruby Rose’s half sleeve – it looks great and it’s made up of some interesting designs.”

Want to find out more? Head to www.infinitink.com.au.

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