Insanity’s Shaun T’s Best Fitness and Diet Tips

September 11, 2013

Created by Shaun T, INSANITY is the most intense at-home fitness program on the market. And with a body like that, we’re paying attention. English born singer-songwriter Jessie J is a huge fan and the results we’ve seen are pretty extraordinary, so we wanted to find out Shaun T’s fitness and diet secrets plus how he keeps motivated.

Absolutely treat yourself to guilty food pleasures 

There is such a thing as balance and I invite you to have balance in your nutritional life.

Think about it this way – if there are 30 days in a month and every two weeks I want to eat something fun, that is fine. As long as the majority of the time you are eating well, than that is the key.

You can go have your favourite McDonald burger, or for me, a Dunkin Donut chocolate glazed donut.

Stretch – you need to stretch! 

Stretch throughout the day whenever you can, even if it is just for a few minutes, as it’s so important to enable your body to repair.

Regular meals are important

It’s important to have regular meals in smaller portions throughout the day to keep your body burning the energy. You will feel better and not gain weight as quickly as if you weren’t eating regularly.

How do you keep someone motivated? 

People need to know that results don’t happen immediately. The only thing that is immediate is focus!

It’s not just about the weight loss, but how much you trust in your body. You have to begin with the end in mind and be realistic about the time it will take to achieve those results. Know the goal that you want and keep striving for it!

Do you work out at home, by yourself or at the gym?

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