Inspirational Women: Michelle Bridges

January 23, 2015
Inspirational Women, Michelle Bridges

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We spoke to Michelle about setting goals and making 2015 the year to totally transform your body and your life.

Name and role:

Michelle Bridges, TV personality, author and all-round fitness guru

Why is it so important to firstly, write your goals down, and secondly, keep track of them?

When you want to make what I would consider a big life change there are few things you should and shouldn’t do.

The only time to overhaul your life is when you are ready to get honest and real about what it is you want for yourself and your family. When you are crying on your bedroom floor with clothes that don’t fit strewn all over the place and you’re about to go to a New Year party is DEFINITELY NOT the time to overhaul your life! This is what I would consider a BIG life changing plan and one which should be given respect, thoughtfulness and adult consideration.

Writing down your goals is key but so is not overwhelming yourself. I encourage making a plan with time lines so you can keep track of where you are going and how you are going.

How should you get started and why is January a great time to begin?

I actually think the ONLY time that is good to do this is when you are truly and honestly ready. It doesn’t have to be Jan, in fact that might be too much pressure for some people. Waiting till the silly season is over or more importantly when you can maturely and thoughtfully see that your plan, given the environment, is ready to be launched. However, that being said, you need to start. One small action can be the catalyst the next step and then the next step. I’m big on planning though, so time line your actions without overwhelming yourself by having to make all the changes in one day!

What are the key steps you should take in preparing to transform your body and your life?

Here are 5 starting points:

  1. Answer the question: “What do I want?” You need to know where you are going in order to get there, right?
  2. Get real and honest with yourself. Start to do the work around why you buy into your excuses. This is REALLY big work and it takes time and guts and probably support along the way. But, until this has been done and continued to be worked on, everything else goes down the drain.
  3. Make a plan which is realistic and achievable. That means it’s something that you can do long term. When I say long term, I’m talking about a new way of living.
  4. Get some support. It’s not a deal breaker, but supporters are worth their weight in gold!
  5. Get organised. Habits and routines are fool proof ways to achieve what it is you say you want. Consistency is king in my books!

Why is 12 weeks a good amount to time to see results?

In 12 weeks you learn so much about yourself and you start to engrain habits which become rituals. That being said, these are habits and rituals which continually need to be honed and sharpened for your life. It’s all balance. There are times where you loosen the reins and times when you dial it in but for the most part you get yourself into habits which support the kind of life you choose to live. It’s a choice. And it’s your choice.

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