These ‘It’ Inspired Nails Are Everything You Need This Halloween

September 26, 2017

They all float down here…

Halloween is a mere month away so obvs the Internet is flooded with crazy scary makeup and costume ideas, but we never thought we’d see nail art that sends a shiver down our spines.

Correlating with the release of the arguably scariest movie of the year, It, killer clown nails are on the rise.

Extra long, pointy nails can be scary on their own, as I’m sure every guy would agree with, but when you add terrifying clown faces and blood smears to them, they become the stuff nightmares are made of.

Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night with your hand next to your face and the It clown staring at you – we’d keep the light on for sure.

Besides the spook factor of these digits, we’re seriously impressed by the talent of these nail artists who manage to use the tiny surfaces of their nails so well, there should be a nail museum to exhibit them. Some of these manis even include red clown hair to make the murderous clown look – and feel – extra creepy.

Consider getting It nails for your Halloween party as you may become the first person ever to win the title of scariest costume of the night without even wearing one – your nails will do the job just fine.

Vocês pediram e aqui está… ?Unhas Decoradas IT A COISA (Palhaço Pennywise)? . . . – Passo a passo completo no canal! ?

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