Inspiring Words From Miranda Kerr, Kathy Lette And Collette Dinnigan

March 8, 2011

Inspiring Words From Miranda Kerr, Kathy Lette And Collette Dinnigan

50 of Australia’s most inspiring women share their insight and wisdom in the beautiful book Women’s Words Of Wisdom, Power & Passion, by Karen Phillips. Here’s some of the brilliant and inspiring words from three of the women taking part in the book:

Kathy Lette

What techniques do you use to maintain a balanced, healthy and happy life?

1. Spending time with my girlfriends. It’s a great male myth that women aren’t funny. Men only say this because they’re terrified what it is we’re being funny about. They presume we spend the entire time talking about the lengths of their members. Which is not true. Because we also discuss the width, which, after childbirth, is so much more important!

2. Exercise. Don’t let the only thing you run up be bills.

3. Orgasms. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. The trouble with married sex is not women faking orgasms, but men faking foreplay.

What was the best thing your mother taught you?

Not to sweat the small stuff. And to take life with a packet of salt.

Miranda Kerr

What words of encouragement would you give to other women regarding their life ambition?

Listen to your intuition, trust in your abilities and love yourself just the way you are – you are totally unique and incredible in your own right…trust in that. You create your life in every moment.

How do you try to achieve a work and life balance?

Life can get very busy. The way that I balance my work/life is to really make sure I’m enjoying what I do so I don’t necessarily feel like I am ‘working’ but, rather, just living. It’s also crucial to take quality time for yourself – mentally and physically – and also to spend time with family and friends.

Collette Dinnigan

What advice would you have for women in life or business?

Choose a path that empowers you with confidence and makes you passionate. It does not need to be something huge – small, daily things in both work and family life that make you feel good about yourself can bring so much satisfaction. Inner confidence is so important and a lot of women can lose their confidence after being out of the workplace for a period of time or feel a loss of personal identity, as your family and their needs become more important than your own. Choose something that gives you confidence and the desire to achieve and to conquer – it will give you strength in so many areas of your life.

What do you wish you knew earlier in life?

I wish I had a better comprehension of mortality. When my mother died it was such a shock. She was young and I was young too. There was so much I wish I had said to her. We were quite nomadic as a family and we were not surrounded by uncles and aunts – there was really only four of us in the family. I have spoken to many people who have lost people who are very close to them – it is never expected so you should treat every day as something special.

Women’s Words Of Wisdom, Power & Passion, $34.95.

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