Instagram Fit Girls Who’ll Inspire You To Live Your Healthiest Life Ever

October 12, 2017
Instagram Fitness Girls Boss AF

Add them to your feed, and prepare to feel seriously motivated.

Until recently, my Instagram feed consisted of food and travel pictures. Misty British mornings, buttery scones, sunny Positano and fruit tarts.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t doing wonders for my attempts at a balanced whole food diet or lifestyle.

For a dose of motivation, I added a couple of fit and fabulous women to my feed. Each has a different body type and approach to their practice, but all are an inspiration to anyone trying to coax themselves into a healthier lifestyle.

Allow me to introduce you to these boss ladies who can help you reach whatever goal you have, whether that be through exercise videos, body positivity posts, healthy snacks ideas, yoga inversions to attempt, or some pure motivation to keep you going…

Whitney Simmons

Whitney is all about balance. After retiring from competitive gymnastics at 18, she put her focus into the gym. On Instagram and Youtube, where she boomed with popularity by designing workouts for women, she’s best loved for promoting a healthy lifestyle whilst also being honest about her love of pizza and shamelessly quirky in her vlogs. Now she’s a Gymshark ambassador with a massive 978K followers. She regularly admits she’s not perfect, but her outfits are.

Follow her @whitneyysimmons

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn defies body stereotypes from the moment she inverts into a headstand; and calls herself a “fat femme” to fight against the word being used as a body-shaming insult. She started posting pictures of her early yoga practice and they found an audience who truly needed her strength. Now Jessamyn is a published author, yoga instructor and advocate for body positivity. She asks her 337K followers to question how they feel, instead of how they look.

Follow her @mynameisjessamyn

Nicole Winhoffer

She calls herself the “Unicorn of the Fitness World” and firmly believes fitness is an art. Nicole creates her own classes that are choreography-heavy, not only to make exercise entertaining, but also to use it as a mode of self-expression. Her background is in dance and that led her to fitness, and now the combination of the two. She posts her energetic dance videos and endless smiles to encourage her 107K followers to live healthy and happy.

Follow her @nicolewinhoffer

Zehra Allibhai

Zehra is a blogger with a kinesiology and health science background. She works as a fitness class instructor and personal trainer, but has found her 60.6K following because of her passion for helping women feel confident in their own skin. Plus she’s real. As a mother of two she knows the struggle to make time to fit in exercise while also prioritizing healthy eating and being authentic with her followers.

Follow her @zallibhai

Dana Falsetti

How much can I share through a yoga photo? What do you see? I practiced at @the_yoga_garden with Gina this morning (I don't make it to studio classes often) and found myself crying in savasana. Every so often I have a practice where I'm left feeling my own transformation so strongly I can't help but cry. Sometimes I think I had tears backed up that I never let go and when I started practicing, they finally came to surface. It's because I allowed myself to feel for the first time in my life. To connect with my body instead of wishing it wasn't mine. My mat was the first place I experienced my own strength and will. And eventually these little lessons in showing up, in patience, led me to see my worth. All I ever wanted my whole life was to feel beautiful as the person I am. To feel some sense of grace. When I practice, I feel it. I feel my light, my beauty, my grace, my vulnerability, my power, my strength. I feel it so strongly that I can't help but remember when I didn't. Those were the years I wasn't living. But I was learning. Still am. To commit to yourself, to forgive yourself, to be cool with who you are… for me these shifts indicated the true beginning of living my authentic life. This is just a small piece of the truth behind this photo. Pay attention to what you see… or perhaps what you're looking for the next time you scroll past a yoga photo. Photo from my friends @codyapp… @mikefolden or @griff_j 🙂

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Dana spent her whole life thinking her body was a problem. She lost weight and gained it back in a continuous cycle, until, in her early twenties, she made a decision to heal her binge-eating disorder with regular yoga. Now she hosts body positivity yoga classes and uses Instagram, where she has 300K followers, to write beautiful and inspiring posts to encourage self love and critical thinking – a unique, but much needed combo.

Follow her @nolatrees

Lita Lewis

Lita’s life changed after her long-term relationship broke up. She quit her corporate job, started exercising more, and shared her progress on Instagram. Her fitness posts with real talk and tips began to attract enough of an audience (now up to 442K followers) to begin her own business. Lita now is a trusted trainer offering fitness packs and teaching bootcamps, while also selling her activewear line known for its “thick girl” mantras. 

Follow her @followthelita

Irene Pappas

Irene is the ultimate #flexibilitygoals. She’s obsessed with yoga and shares her passion with her 553K followers through videos and photos, giving tips about how she managed such impressive poses. Outside of social media, she teaches classes and hosts workshops and retreats. Any moment you think your body might crack in the middle of a stretch, Irene is proof you still have more to give.

Follow her @fitqueenirene

Estelle Archer

l i v e.

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In 2014, Estelle booked a one-way ticket to California with the goal of visiting all 50 states in a year; helping one person in each place along the way. Today, she continues her work of helping women by teaching SWEAT, the fitness class she created. Estelle is all about nutrition and believes it’s the key to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness, and so regularly shares pictures of her wholefood-based meals to her 214K followers, along with recipe and portion size details – go see for yourself, her type of healthy eating actually looks tasty.

Follow her @estellearcher

Jess Pack

Jess started out blogging and found her audience of 203K followers through her fitness and self-acceptance journey – and obviously, by planking for pizza. As much as possible, she tries to eat clean, but also uses exercise to balance out those inevitable nights out that call for a little indulgence. She’s not a nutritionist or personal trainer, as she’s clear to point out in her posts, but she is a passionate gal out to help a girlfriend or two with some real talk. Earlier this year she published a book, her own guide to body positivity, confidence and living a healthier life.

Follow her @plankingforpizza

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