Institut Esthederm

September 3, 2004

Institut Esthederm

For 25 years, Insitut Esthederm research has revolved around one innovative concept, “proactivity” – a unique strategy that gives skin the means to react on its own. Instead of looking for external, temporary solution, we’re interested in re-educating skin, teaching it to repair itself. This approach guarantees immediate, visable effects and, notably, leads to long-lasting, deep results.

Because you have spent so many years helping your skin, you no longer trust it: over-protected, it has forgotten how to use its natural defense reflexes. Constantly under attack, it has lost its strength. It’s protective abilities are often altered by our lifestyles and atrophied by over-protection. Our mission: to wake it up, but only using symbiotic, active agents that respect its ecosystem – a notion that is too little recognised in the beauty industry. This is “cutaneous ecology” developed in total harmony with your skin’s biology.

The Institut Esthederm CYCLO Repair treatment is a new Asian skincare technique that is based on principles borrowed from 2000 year old Chinese medicines. It uses the synergy of cosmetic skin care with an innovative plant based complex, offering a youthful appearance in less than 3 weeks.

The program uses active ingredients such as rice bran oil, soy and wild yam. The unique feature of this treatment is the facial massage using hot QI Gong balls and cold rose quartz crystal balls, a technique borrowed from Chinese medicine. The balls are applied alternately to re-work the skins energy deep down by stimulating blood and lymph circulation. Offering rapid, deeper and longer lasting results. The facial treatment begins with a shiatsu massage and ends in reflexology for a complete body overhaul.

The Cyclo Repair, three week treatment program completely replenishes the skin, returning it to a new cycle of youth. The facial skin will become denser and more hydrated, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and remodelling of facial contours.

The winner will receive an intensive three week program, plus a selection of divine Institut Esthederm products to continue treatment at home.

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