Interior Trends You Should Pass On

October 21, 2014

Have you ever found it difficult to compromise on just one item in your home? Interior trends come and go; just a few years we were all obsessing about feng shui, which more or less is about harmonising the home. How often do you hear about it now?

Although taste is subjective and comes down to your own personal style, there are a few interior trends which should never see the light of day (again).

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DON’T: Match everything

The couch, curtains, formal chairs, and rugs do not have to match! Unless you have a serious case of pattern-envy, there’s no reason to keep this look in your home. One of the best aspects of interior design is that you have the freedom to buy from a variety of different stores – so don’t stick to just one pattern or theme throughout.

If you want to switch this up without buying completely new furniture, you can always accessorise with cushions, paint the hardware, and re-upholster the couch and chairs.

Interior Trends You Should Pass On

DON’T: Carpet in the bathroom

Needless to say, that carpet does not belong in the bathroom. Rugs in front of the bath or sink and given a free-pass, but your entire floor should not be covered in carpet, it’s just not practical. Stick to tiles which are easy to clean, and look nice and tidy in the bathroom.

Interior Trends You Should Pass On

DON’T: Hoard the pool room

In this respect the pool room refers to any place of the house which is dedicated to preserving mostly un-used pieces of furniture. The odds are that this room was used to welcome guests who wanted a quick drink, snack, before they were on their way within the hour.

Now the room has become a shrine to almost everything and anything – which makes it difficult to match with the rest of the house.

Interior Trends You Should Pass On

DON’T: Layered rugs

Do you know of anyone who has their entire home fitted with quality floorboards, yet hides them under too many rugs and runners? Guilty. Not only is this trend outdated, but completely ruins the idea of having floorboards in the first place! Stick to a skinny runner for the hallways, but keep the rest of the house rug-free.

Interior Trends You Should Pass On

DON’T: Collect too many photo frames

While you might think that this trend is slightly over-the-top, too many frames can often clutter up an entire table.Stick to a gallery wall which will free up some space, but also showcase your photos in a really nice way.

Interior Trends You Should Pass On

What are some interior trends you hate to see?

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