Interview: Arie Spivak Of Fashion App Remoda

June 3, 2015
Interview: Arie Spivak of Fashion App Remoda

Who doesn’t love to snag themselves a designer item at half the price? Remoda is a brand new fashion app that allows users to buy and sell new and pre-loved brands. It’s also really easy to follow other trendsetters, get exposed to new and interesting brands, plus it’s a great way to make money from the things we don’t like anymore.

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SHESAID chatted with founder, Arie Spivak about the main features of Remoda, what you can buy and sell, and how to get started.

Tell our readers a little bit about Remoda – how did it get started?

I was a power seller on eBay for years. I found that fees for these kind of websites were getting crazy and the auction model was getting stale. Like many in these seller communities we started looking for alternative marketplaces and came up with the idea for Remoda.

What was your initial inspiration behind the app and how did it become so popular?

There were a couple of big trends that we noticed some time ago. Many of us were turning to social networks like Instagram and Pinterest to buy and sell stuff. Also, apps like Tinder were great at connecting you instantly with people nearby. We thought that it would be amazing if we combined those familiar features that seemed so popular on our favourite social networks and allowed anyone to set up a shop literally in their pocket!

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The features that set us apart are just how easy it is to list an item for sale – taking only seconds. Women across the country are loving making some extra cash shrinking their wardrobes. Users can browse items for sale in their local area or see what’s trending around the globe, make and receive offers and counter-offers for items you’re interested in, instant chat privately with other members without leaving the app, rate and review buyers and sellers, follow your favourite people to keep up with the latest trends – and because we take privacy seriously, no personal information such phone numbers or emails are exchanged.

What kind of products can customers expect to sell on the app?

The hottest items are dresses in the price range of $30-80. We have also seen that designer shoes and handbags are popular. It’s a great place to find some hidden vintage gems.

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Who can use Remoda? Is it specifically designed for iPhone users and is it free to use?

Remoda is available for iPhone and iPad users at the moment, however we are 90 per cent of the way there with our Android app development. It has been a long time in the making and it is looking great!

How can Remoda help women trade trends and make some extra cash on the side?

Remoda is for women’s fashion only at the moment. Anyone can sell their new, lightly-warn or unwanted clothing, shoes, dresses, hats, accessories and more for free via the app. It take seconds to list an item and we have such a vibrant community of like-minded fashionistas – it’s just a fun place to hang out. We charge no commission fees and it is completely free to buy and sell.

6. And finally, what’s coming up for Remoda in 2015? Spill! 

We do like to keep secrets, but we can say that we will be introducing some sexy photo filters soon to help spruce up the photos. This was a requested feature from our users so we researched this and are in the process of implementing very soon. People should also keep an eye out from some exclusive brands coming on board at discounted prices… Did someone say Chanel!?

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