Interview With Gabi Levi Of Eve & Kane

April 1, 2015
Eve and Kane Shoes

You’ve probably seen their colourful shoes all over social media, but the masterminds behind Eve & Kane have been working on their eponymous label for a number of years.

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With mens, women’s, and children’s luxury loafers already under their belt, we spoke to one half of the creative design team, Gabi Levi to chat a little more in-depth about the entire process.

Where did the idea of Eve & Kane come from?

I had been working high end retail management for a while and felt uninspired. I have always been a creative person and into fashion – I would work all week to buy a pair of jeans!

But a lot of the fashion brands out there lacked quality and were unaffordable to the everyday person who wants to look stylish. I pitched the idea to my sister and few months later we launched Eve & Kane.

Interview with Gabi Levi of Eve & Kane

What are some of the main characteristics behind creating the trademark suede loafer?

Comfort is key when it comes to the driving loafer. Ours has always been to make quality, stylish pieces but still ensuring that our price remains affordable – so you don’t have to limit yourself to only one pair of shoes or colour!

And how do you come up with the fabulous colours behind each shoe? They are mesmerising! 

I would love to claim the credit, but we listen to our clients. Many of the colours have been by request from our loyal clients. I do take some creative liberties – for example, reverse cheetah horsehair was all me!

Could you tell us a bit about the design process? Where do you get your inspiration from?

The design process can be long since we are always striving to better our product. Our clients have told us that wearing our loafers are like walking on clouds but we want to make them even more comfortable, which at a certain point becomes challenging. Inspiration comes from everywhere – our clients, street style and my own personal preferences.

I often see something I love but wish it was slightly different, for example it was lighter or had some texture. Eve & Kane is sort of an outlet for those frustrations.

What kind of advice would you give to someone starting out in an industry like yours?

Believe in yourself and find others who believe in you. The hungrier you are the more success you will have.

What’s next for Eve & Kane in 2015? 

We work each day to bring the best products to our clients at an affordable price and will continue to offer new products in 2015. Without giving too much away, you should expect more sneakers, slippers, boots and some crazy colour ways.


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