Interview With Santa Vittoria Water

May 6, 2015
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Since its inception, Santa Vittoria is known for its low-sodium selection of beverages, especially the Acqua Minerale which is bottled at the source in Northern Italy.

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The low-sodium range is perfect for mixing with your favourite cocktail, cooling-off on a warm day, or simply keeping the fridge stocked with a sparkling beverage. Either way you want to look at it, this third generation family-owned business is still as popular as ever.

We chatted to the brand to find out exactly what’s next, the inspiration behind the famous packaging, and of course, the best cocktail pairings!

What makes Santa Vittoria such a fashionable beverage?

Santa Vittoria is the must have accessory to get you through balmy summer evenings and scorching hot beach days! Available in still or lightly sparking and a selection of delicious sodas, Santa Vittoria will hydrate you in style.

Fess up! How does Santa Vittoria differ from other waters on the market, what’s your secret?

Santa Vittoria is one of the purest waters available and is bottled at the source in Northern Italy. The purity of the water, along with the extremely low sodium content makes it the perfect accompaniment to any dining experience.

Not to mention the stunning packaging, what is the story behind the famous label on each bottle of water, sodas, and mixers?

The painting featured on the label of the Santa Vittoria bottle is Alexandre Cabanel’s best known work – The Birth of Venus (1863). This painting was chosen to convey the purity associated with Santa Vittoria natural mineral water. The elegance of the Santa Vittoria label makes it stands out from other waters and sodas.

What’s the best way to incorporate Santa Vittoria into a classic cocktail drink?

The selection of Santa Vittoria sodas are the perfect mixer to any classic cocktail drink. Incorporate the fruit nectars for a sweeter cocktail or stick with our soda mixers for a classic drink such as a gin and tonic or a vodka soda.

What are some of the best meals to accompany a glass of lightly sparkling Santa Vittoria water?

Anything and everything! Santa Vittoria is the perfect compliment to any meal as its natural flavour does not alter the flavours of your meal.

Could you share what’s coming up in 2015 for Santa Vittoria?

The upcoming summer is going to be a huge one for Santa Vittoria! We will be partnering with some of the hottest fashion, food and lifestyle brands to ensure Santa Vittoria is at all of the right summer soirees.

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