Interview With Timberland Boots Buyer, Kevin Luong

September 21, 2015
Interview With Timberland Buyer Kevin Luong

There is no denying that Timberland boots are one of the biggest throwback trends of the early 2000s. Back and bigger than ever, Timberland is again conquering footwear with their old classics, and a number of new and contemporary designs.

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SHESAID chatted with buyer Kevin Luong about the iconic style, how to style your own pair, and what’s coming up in 2015.

Why do you think Timberland’s are so iconic?

Timberland didn’t set out to create a fashion icon or to be iconic. The yellow boot was born for function, form and craftsmanship for a hard working New Englander.

Over the years the boot gained a following and wearing the yellow boot meant you ready to chase your dreams and also stands a symbol of individuality. That’s what the ‘Boot Your Dream’ project was created to inspire young people to pledge their commitment to pursuing their own dreams.

Collaborations has also played a part of being so iconic, with collaborations such as Staple Design in 2007, Mastermind Japan in 2011 and Billionaire Boys Club in 2014.

Interview With Timberland Buyer Kevin Luong

What are some of the best ways to style Timberland’s for men and women?

Timberland’s shoes are classic, timeless and can’t be overstated. Some of the best ways to wear them are to wear them loosely, not tying the laces too tight. Timberlands are best worn with tapered or skinny pants and if you’re daring, with printed shorts. With the variety of colours available these can be dressed down or dressed up.

Could you share some of the most popular styles with our readers?

Our most popular style would have to be the Timberland 6′ Premium Boot. They come in a variety of colours and textures. Also trending is the Newmarket II Cup 6′ which all come in premium leathers for the next season.

Interview With Timberland Buyer Kevin Luong

Where can our purchase a pair of their own Timberland’s?

You can purchase footwear and apparel from Timberland Emporium and Timberland, Chapel Street.

What’s next for Timberland in 2015? Tell us your secrets!

The next trend for Timberland 2015 is Modern Trail, where conditions are unpredictable. Dressing from work to play, night to day and sun to rain. Timberland is all about outfitting for the unknown, empowering outdoor life stylers with the style and versatility they need for the modern trail.

Images via We Heart It, ASOS

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