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This ‘Instagram Husbands’ Vid Will Make You LOL Till It Hurts

This ‘Instagram Husbands’ Vid Will Make You LOL Till It Hurts

Say hello to the men indulging their SOs’ every photo-taking whim.

If you’ve ever told your SO to hold your phone and snap multiple pics as you strike your repertoire of skinny-angle poses with the dedication and focus of an Olympic hopeful, you may see yourself more than once in the clever Youtube clip ‘Instagram Husbands’, which has gone viral this week thanks to its hilariously on point message.

Created by the evil geniuses from The Mystery Hour, the mini mockumentary style video depicts the new phenomenon of ‘Instagram husbands’, or as they describe themselves, “human selfie sticks”, the hapless victims who indulge their SO’s every photo-taking whim by obligingly snapping shoe shots, beach poses, wistful coffee drinking sessions, and every impossible angle the lady in question can’t quite manage to take.

It’s no secret chicks love Instagram. The diehards among us will photograph everything from our breakfast to the blush we just shelled out for at Sephora. Then there’s those aerial shots of gals looking longingly up at the camera from five feet below. The shots that can’t of possibly been taken by the woman in question herself. And here lies the problem for well-meaning boyfriends and husbands everywhere.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me,” one Instagram husband says in the clip.

“Last year for Christmas I actually got her a selfie stick and then she got mad at me because she thought I was just trying to get out of taking photos. Of course I’m trying to get out of taking your f*cking photo.”

While another goes on to complain, “We used to eat our food, now we just take pictures of it.”

The defeatist looks of complacency on their faces are enough to break the hardest heart.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. One husband has actually convinced himself he loves being an Instagram spouse. His duties include snapping countless pictures, helping choreograph the perfect shots, and making doubly sure he comments on every post.

“It helps me out if I’m the first one to comment,” he says nervously; a somewhat forced smile on his face.

“I love my life so much!” *Screams internally*

The video has been a revelation for the thousands of men around the world who are in this unfortunate predicament, and they’ve taken to social media to express their amusement and cathartic joy.

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“This is what your face looks like when you see your wife put the corgi on top of an old record player for a picture,”  says one Instagrammer.

Fortunately, there is help available. The Mystery Hour has formulated a support group for all the Insagram husbands to share their stories and buoy each other up during this difficult time. They’ve even got a website;

For all the men who suspect they’re caught in the clutches of the Instagram stronghold, I suggest you check it out. And to all the girlfriends and wives out there demanding their SOs mount a ladder in order to get the most possible slimming angle, I beg you to reconsider your life choices.

Na, just kidding. What’s life without Instagram?!


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