Investigation Uncovers Shocking ‘Baby Farm’ In India

April 20, 2016

An underground operation has been selling babies for just $1400.

A hospital in India has been busted after convincing vulnerable women to carry unwanted pregnancies to full-term so it can sell their babies to childless couples for just $1400 each.

The disgraceful ‘baby farm’ business was carried out via staff from the Gwailor district’s Palash Hospital and was exposed after an investigation into the whereabouts of two missing babies from the hospital lead local police to uncover the scam this weekend. Five staff members have since been charged with slavery offences and the hospital manager, Arun Bhadoria, has been arrested for facilitating the trafficking of infants.

Since his arrest, Bhadoria has spoken to authorities telling them he used ‘agents’ from the neighboring Chambal region to find girls who were looking to terminate their pregnancies.

The investigating officer told the Times Of India that Palash Hospital would persuade women found by the agents and those who came to the medical centre seeking an abortion, to carry their pregnancy to full term so staff could cash in on the unwanted baby.

“When a girl or her parents approached them for a termination of pregnancies, doctors at this hospital used to convince them [by] assuring a safe and secret delivery.”

“Once the baby is delivered and the mother gets discharged, hospital authorities start hunting for gullible couples who could buy them.”

Shockingly, the inquiry has also lead authorities to discover a Gwalior couple who traded one of their sons in exchange for a little girl. According to the Times of India, two newborns set to be sold have been rescued from the hospital and local police are currently tracking down another three who have already been purchased.

Comment: Are you shocked to hear there are people willing to purchase children from these so-called baby farms?


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